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From Stock to Stunning: YAMAHA MT-09(FZ-09) Custom

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Webike's Opinion

 Here is a "YAMAHA MT-09(FZ-09)" custom by Webike community user "Toko".

 For the exhaust, SP TADAO's POWERBOX FULL "SS" Full Exhaust is equipped. With a carefully modified feeling in the range of 3000-4000rpm the rider can experience a new, more mild aspect of the aggressive inline-3 engine. Thrilling and powerful, yet not causing stress for the rider, this is a great exhaust that makes riding the MT-09 even more enjoyable.

 For the brake/clutch levers, the owner replaced them with U-KANAYA's Standard Type Aluminum Billet Lever Set.These levers are made of 6061 aluminum alloy and have high strength and corrosion resistance. The full machining process also gives them a high-grade finish compared to stock.The same company's 6061 Aluminum Billet Handlebar Bar Ends are also equipped which elegantly matches the gold color of the front forks.

 Around the engine, a DAYTONA engine protector and YAMAHA Europe Side Sliders are installed to reduce damage to the crankcase and engine by sliding the bike in the event of a fall or accident.

 The front area is customized with an MRA Racing Windshield. The raised center part covers the helmet when leaning forward,and the aerodynamic drag of the motorcycle is minimized by sending air that comes from the front overhead.

 Around the rear, ADIO's Fender Eliminator Kit gives the rear of the bike a streamlined and more fierce design. SUNSTAR's rear sprocket in champagne gold would stand out in dark bike not to say it's way lighter than stock and contributes to better mobility. The DID ZVM-X series chain is also in gold to match the entire image of the bike.

 This chic custom of the MT-09 isn't just about it's stunning looks. The plugs have also been replaced with NGK MotoDX plugs, which have ruthenium-based center electrodes. They offer excellent performance due to the special ground electrode shape that makes intake and ignition more efficient. They also allow for better acceleration and fuel economy. The air filter is replaced with one from K&N. It maintains excellent filtration performance and stable intake efficiency at all times.



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Part Details
Exhaust SP Tadao POWERBOX FULL SS Full Exhaust System
Handles U-KANAYA Aluminum Billet Lever Set Standard Type
U-KANAYA Aluminum Billet Handlebar Bar End
Frame DAYTONA Engine Protector
Yamaha Europe Side Slider
Bodyworks MRA Windshield Racing
ADIO Fender Eliminator Kit [with Slim Reflector]
Magical Racing Rear Fender
P&A International Extender Fender
Electrical P&A International Meter Panel Protection Film & Work Tool Set
YAMAHA OEM Motorcycle Parts Rear Flasher Light Assembly 1 B67-83330-00
Drive Parts SUNSTAR Rear Sprocket Duralumin
DID ZVM-X Series Chain 525ZVM-X Gold [with Crimp (ZJ) Joint]
Engine NGK MotoDX Plug CPR9EDX-9S
K&N Model Specific Replacement Air Filter
Radiator ETCHING FACTORY Radiator Core Guard for MT-09 / XSR900
Accessories RAM MOUNT XGrip (M) Smartphone Holder



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