Top 5 customs for Honda ADV 150

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    The Honda ADV 150 has proved its success by the sales number in 2020. When Honda announced this scooter back in 2019, people were confused why would anyone want a off-road capable scooter. But, just like the BMW R80 G/S back in 1980 started the whole adventure bike genre, the ADV150 (and its big brother X-ADV) could very likely become popular enough to start the whole “Scooter ADV” trend. A funny story behind the scene: Honda started a competition among its different branches and Honda Thailand Team won, so this is what they designed and were so confident that it’d successful. And it did.

    The ADV 150 has been on the market for one year and I think now it’s a good time to review what are the best aftermarket parts for this phenomenon scooter. I’ll break them in 5 categories that are: Exhaust, Luggage capability, Protection, Fender eliminator kit (that everyone loves), and Power improvement. I will somehow address it more on the off road side than on road because the scooter is based on PCX 150, in that aspect, the original PCX 150 is already near perfect and I believe most owners know how amazing it runs on road, so off-roading should be most ADV 150 owners want (or they’ve already done it!).


    There are already many options for this bike, most coming from Japanese makers including the famous Yoshimura. However, there are many more to come on this list.

    Yoshimura R-77S

    The first one is Yoshimura R-77S that everybody loves. This pipe is made of titanium with a carbon end tip. You can pick from the titanium, full carbon, or blue titanium options. It’s street legal in Japan (JMCA standard) so not too loud to bother your neighbor or furry friends in the wood.



    Moriwaki Engineering Full exhaust system ZERO

    Moriwaki has been one of the most popular custom exhaust manufacturer in Japan for decades. The CEO of Moriwaki engineering is the best apprentice of Yoshimura (and he married with Yoshimura’s daughter).

    This is the bang for the buck, with only $335 + shipping you will get a beautiful, stunning full exhaust for your ADV 150.


    SP Takegawa Power Oval Exhaust

    An oval shaped exhaust that is very quiet. SP Takegawa is known for its massive product line-ups, if you need to custom something, they probably have it. This stainless steel exhaust adds an excellent detail to your ADV 150. (They are also one of the biggest Honda Monkey custom parts distributor)

    Beams R-EVO II Full Exhaust System 

    Ah, Beams. They are like the ultimate exhaust shopping center for Japanese scooter owners. If you have a Japanese scooter, most likely they will have some sort of exhaust for you with a very reasonable price tag. This particular one is modified to fit ADV 150 from their R-EVO II line up and buyer can choose from Stainless steel, Black metal, or Heated Titanium. It’s made to be louder compare to the stock one (86dB vs 81dB).

    SP Tadao Puresport S Full Exhaust System

    SP Tadao is yet another famous racing exhaust manufacturer in Japan, known for its distinctive cartoonish eye helmet design. This particular exhaust is a little on the premium side but you get what you paid for: an absolutely master piece.

    R9 Misano Series

    You might never heard this brand. R9 is an exhaust brand founded in 1996 in Indonesia. The design and building quality is superb yet offered with an extremely affordable price. No, they are not some random AliExpress only brand. R9 has sponsored several motorcycle racing teams including the ones that been to moto2 and moto3 (the junior motoGP races). Soon enough I will have a write up for R9.


    The truth is, you can surely take these small off road capable bikes for an adventure. With an almost 30-liter under seat storage, you can fit a full size helmet in there, but that alone is far not enough for a 2-day camping trip. Want that weekend getaway? Time to prepare your ADV 150 now so you can pack up whenever you are ready.

    Daytona Multi purpose rear rack

    This little extension platform allows you to fit an universal rear box or simply stack your dry bags.  Kijima offers a similar one but doesn’t look as cool in my honest opinion. For example, you can fit a GIVI B32N-ADV on it no problem.

    Touratech Pannier  rack

    Touratech offers a super cool pannier rack to fit side bags, panniers (for scooters? yes!), and crack your mind open, you can basically fit whatever you want on these well constructed bars.


    Chances are you are gonna drop your bike somewhere in the wild if you consider take it for a serious trail riding. Don’t get me wrong, the ADV 150 is perfectly capable, but it will happen and you don’t want to damage your bike.

    SP Takegawa Floor step crash bar

    Well constructed strong aluminum with black anodized finish, these crash bars will protect the front and side fairings from getting damaged when you accidentally drop the bike. Plus, they are super useful as a handle when you pick the bike up.

    H2C Radiator Guard

    H2C means “Honda 2Wheels Customized”, it’s basically the Honda Thailand official custom brand. If you don’t know, Thailand now is the new capital of small displacement motorcycle custom. It’s kinda like the relationship between Mugen and Honda but not exactly. Anyway, this radiator guard will protect the fragile radiator from getting damaged by flying rocks when you running off road trails.

    H2C Headlight Guard

    It just too cool to not put it on your bike. I lost my words.

    Fender eliminator kit

    The thing that everybody loves.

    Magical Racing Fender Eliminator Kit

    Wiruswin Fender Eliminator Kit


    You can actually change the weight roller on your ADV 150 to change the gear ratio depending on how you are gonna ride it. It’s an easy job to do and need no speedo healer to reflect the actual mileage. The rule is the lighter the weight rollers are, the gearing will become shorter (means you get more low end torque while losing some top speed), and vice versa, the heavier they are, the gearing will become higher. Stock ADV 150 comes with 20g weight rollers, you can replace it with the ones you want with this kit by Daytona. They come in 3 pieces each, so you will need two of this (ADV 150 uses a five roller system). However, I suggest you go plus or minus two first to see how you like it, don’t go crazy and change it to 12g, it’s too much. Remember, lower gearing ratio means lower MPG.

    Did you find what you want?

    It is absolutely amazing how many custom parts manufacturers react to this little off road scooter within one year. If you didn’t find what you want, worry not, come back and check our website and I’m sure there are more to come.

    Ryan G.
    Ryan G.


    Ryan G.

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