This fairing kit will make your Monkey 125 a Harley-Davidson

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    Kijima got a lot of attention in 2019 when they released the Monkey 125 custom fairing kit, the “Monkey-Davidson”. Recently, they released even more custom parts to complete the Monkey-Davidson demanded by fans including a custom seat pan (with cushion) and a luggage rack.The custom seat is 80mm narrower and 10mm lower than the stock one to give it a luxury cruiser-like look. Buyers can choose from a glossy finish or a varnished one. 

    MSRP: about $242.94

    Luggage rack

    This luggage rack has been smartly designed so as not to destroy the beauty of the Monkey 125 while maintaining the practicality. The standard shape of the rack top is designed to be able to fit a rear box or carry some daily luggage.

    Size: 261 (H) x 176 (W) mm

    Maximum load capacity: 5kg

    Material: Steel

    Finish: Chrome 


    MSRP: 18,000 yen 

    Click here for parts for KIJIMA’s Monkey 125

    Ryan G.
    Ryan G.


    Ryan G.

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