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Adventure Awaits: SUZUKI V-STROM1050XT Custom

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Webike's Opinion

Here is a "SUZUKI V-STROM1050XT" custom by Webike community user "Gin". The V-STROM 1050XT, developed with the concept of "The Master of Adventure," boasts enhanced engine performance, advanced electronic control systems, and a range of comprehensive features. The owner of this bike also says that he enjoys an exceptionally smooth and pleasant ride, experiencing a new level of riding comfort. The customizations aim to maximize the bike’s original performance, targeting an even smoother and more comfortable ride.

To enhance the control of the bike, Eazi-Grip's Knee Grip Support TANK GRIP PERFORMANCE has been installed. Eazi-Grip is a UK-based manufacturer, specializing in tank pads. Their tank pads are endorsed by many professional race teams and the number of teams adopting them has been increasing. Since unnecessary force is not required for knee grip and maintaining the posture, they can effectively reduce fatigue during long rides. The rear sprocket is a SUNSTAR Rear Sprocket Duralumin, made from ultra-duralumin (A7075) with an eye-catching champagne gold finish. It offers sufficient strength while its bold machining significantly reduces unsprung weight. The chain is fitted with a DID ZVM-X2 chain in a deep gold color. By slimming the chain’s overall width, rigidity and operability have been further improved within the same series.

For added protection in case of a fall, R&G Swingarm Spools have been mounted. Considering the potential damage to parts after a fall, these spools are an excellent cost-effective solution. The radiator is protected with a SRC Radiator Guard, designed for easy installation. Despite its simple design, it effectively shields the radiator from small stones. A SUZUKI Grip Heater has been installed to prepare for winter rides. The owner, who enjoys multi-day touring trips, also purchased a SUZUKI Resin Side Case Set. With a total capacity of 55L, this set will surely come in handy when purchasing souvenirs and other items during the journey.



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Part Details
Frame R&G Swingarm Spool Stand Hook / Off-set Type / Cotton Reels Offset
Bodyworks Eazi-Grip Knee grip Support TANK GRIP PERFOMANCE
Electrical KIJIMA ACC Branching Harness
Drive Parts SUNSTAR Rear Sprocket Duralumin
DID ZVM-X2 Series Chain 525ZVM-X2 Gold [Crimp(ZJ)Joint included]
Engine SRC Radiator Guard
Accessories SUZUKI Grip Heater
SUZUKI Plastic Side Case Set



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