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Suzuki KATANA Custom by BrightLogic

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BrightLogic's KATANA


Suzuki KATANA Custom by Bright Logic. They aspired for a long and low style by creating a stretching look which used to be common to air cooled KATANA and reconsindering the riding position to reach the ground better. Especially the latter was based on an idea to create a KATANA that is fun to ride, making any riders naturally want to ride.


OHLINS suspension, Brembo GP4 RX calipers & T-drive discs, and MAGTAN JB4 wheels are natural features to improve quality. On the other hand, its tailoring as a show model is also eye-catching. The shroud of the radiator is a one-off fabrication, and the ducts placed behind it are connected to the air cleaner to make it function. The bottles and mounts on either side of the under-seat area are a good idea to add a spare fuel tank to supplement KATANA's 12L tank capacity, or to use the bottles as accessory storage to make it easier to load the bike for touring. In other words, this is a new proposal. Relying on the ideas coming from the knowledge about GSX-R1000 and GSX-S1000, which were the original models of the KATANA, they tried to bring out the best of naked bike.



Bottle holder is provided on either side of the rear of the bike to serve as a spare fuel tank. This also has the visual effect of filling the space under the seat. If fuel is to be actually loaded, it would be a good idea to consider a dedicated bottle and a secure method of securing it, and also to prepare a bottle for a small container to prevent it from falling out, thereby enhancing loadability.


The license plate holder has been relocated to the general taillight section. A very small LED indicator can be seen behind the overhang at the rear end of the tail cowl.



The handlebar is of a low height and wide, and the extended line of the grip section is at the center of the stem so that the stem can be turned directly. This handlebar is an OEM product for other model. The grip position is now forward, which allows the rider to grip it in a natural position and obtain a position that is typical of a sports model. The front master is a Brembo RCS, and the clutch is hydraulically driven instead of wired. Meter area is also uniformed. The windshield is YOSHIMURA Wind Armor.



The front blinkers near the radiator have been relocated, and a large shroud is newly manufactured. The hole in the back is for ventilation, and the bend at the bottom is to reduce the visual size of this part. An air scoop inspired by the '88 YZR500 is added inside.


The air scoop behind the radiator shroud is connected to a duct leading to the air cleaner box inside the tank cover, and like the GSX-R1000 from which the KATANA is derived, it is set up to apply ram pressure. These custom touches are also noteworthy.



The blinker lights have been changed to ultra-compact, high-intensity LEDs, and the front ones are built into the position light section. When lit, they are as shown in this photo and are highly visible.


When the rear blinkers are turned on, this is what they look like. Although ultra-compact, the illuminated portion is exposed so that it can be easily seen from the rear and from the side, a technique used uniquely on any motorcycle today.



The adjustable link rod lowers the taillight position by 40mm. Seating is comfortable, and of course the ground reach is good. The sense of security is greatly enhanced, and the bike becomes more familiar at once.


Wheels are JB-POWER magnesium forged MAGTAN JB4 (3.50-17/6.00-17 size), and the ABS detection plate is a one-off made by Bright Logic. The tires are Bridgestone S22. Front brake calipers are Brembo CNC GP4 RX nickel coated, brake discs are Brembo T-drives, and front forks are OHLINS.


The rear shock is also OHLINS, and the rear spring rate, which was too high for the stock, has been adjusted. The swingarm was made for the GSX-R1000K9, and the cast surface was polished off. On the left side, the chain guard was removed, and the space between the chain guard and the sway bar was welded to create a racer-like look. The rearsets are Wood Stock, the protectors are made by GB Racing, and a Yoshimura R-11sq slip-on is installed.


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Part Details
Engine GBRacing Engine Cover Set
Exhaust YOSHIMURA Slip-on R-11Sq Cyclone EXPORT SPEC (Heat Guard Included)
Frame SUZUKI GSX-R1000K9 Stock Swingarm
Brake BREMBO RCS Radial Brake Master
BREMBO GP4-RX CNC Caliper Kit P4 32 Nickel Coat
Brembo HPK [T-Drive] T-Drive Brake Disc Kit DIA310
Suspension OHLINS Inverted Front Forks FG R&T
BRIGHT LOGIC Adjustable Rink Rod
OHLINS S46DR1B Single Shock Absorber
Steps WOODSTOCK Rearsets Kit
Handle / Steering BREMBO RCS Radial Clutch Master
Bodyworks YOSHIMURA KATANA(19) Wind Armor
BRIGHT LOGIC One-off Big Radiator Shroud

About BrightLogic

BrightLogic has been established by ex-YOSHIMURA technicians with abundant experience of racing. They provide customizing parts which improve the performance level of racing bikes as well as all types of motorcycles.

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