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Endured 12 Seasons with Indomitable Body: Drag Hayabusa Custom

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Class4 Engineering's HAYABUSA


This Hayabusa, based on the second generation, has already participated in 12 seasons of drag racing. Throughout those 12 seasons, modifications have been made to the front and rear wheels, including the use of ceramic wheel bearings. The exhaust system has been changed from a titanium side-winder to stainless steel to address the heat generated by the NOS usage. The engine has been bored to 1441cc, featuring forged pistons, CARRILLO connecting rods, and WEB CAM camshafts. The stock iron studs have been replaced with APE chromoly steel studs, and the clutch cover has been swapped for one that facilitates clutch adjustments and plate checks. Additionally, an oil pan is utilized to prevent oil from shifting to the rear due to high acceleration.


This tuning menu could be described as orthodox. By increasing the displacement and supercharging the engine, the power has been raised to more than 1.5 times that of the stock model. In the case of the Hayabusa, its durability, including stress-prone crankshaft components, has been designed to withstand speeds of up to 450ps without breaking. This particular Hayabusa undergoes an engine inspection every two seasons, and it appears to sustain minimal damage. The power output remains stable, effectively transferring power to the road surface, improving rider comfort, and facilitating easier setup with a data logger. The power itself rises instantly with NOS settings, which requires some time to get used to. Although the machine is durable against high power, the maintenance cycle must be shortened, and the risk increases. Taking all of this into consideration, the decision has been made to gradually increase the power. The tuning elements packed into only 1/4 mile are loss reduction, durability, and power transmission. Moreover, they contribute to improved control, making this machine a significant reference point when it comes to customization.



The meter is stock of the second-generation Hayabusa, equipped with a shift light on top (the megaphone-shaped cover makes it easier to see when it illuminates). NOS, A/F, and fuel adjustment switches are located near the main switch. The top bridge uses a D.M.E. (with the same 32mm offset as the stock part), and the clip-ons are made by Baby Face.



The exterior has headlights, taillights, and front blinkers, although the mirrors have been removed. With its lighting equipment and tires, this bike is tuned to be road-worthy, adhering to the style of SBS (Street Bike Shootout) class, which emphasizes racing on the streets.


A series of stickers showing JD-STER's drag race achievements are displayed on the left side of the front windshield. In the 2022 season, they reached the finals in all five races and emerged victorious four times.



The tail cowl, which is compatible with a long swingarm, is made by D.M.E., renowned for Hayabusa drag race tuning in the United States. The rest of the exterior remains stock.


The front forks are the stock Φ43mm inverted type from the Hayabusa, and the ride height and body posture are adjusted using Brock's Performance's radial mount lowering tie-down kit. The front brake system also utilizes stock Hayabusa parts, including the TOKICO-made 4-piston radial mount calipers and discs.


The swingarm is equipped with a 10-inch (approximately 25.4cm) long from D.M.E. On the front side, there is a blue bottle containing NO (nitrous oxide) for supercharging and air shifter operation. The rear shock is a Brock's Drag Shock EZ, specifically adjusted for the long swingarm. The rear brake utilizes stock Hayabusa parts.


The wheels are made by CARROZZERIA, an American manufacturer, and are aluminum forged with a size of 3.50-17/6.00-17. They are fitted with radial tires of a round type that are suitable for road use. The wheel bearings have been replaced with lightweight and low-resistance ceramic bearings to maximize power utilization.




Part Details
Engine HTP Φ83mm Piston
WEB Cam for Drag Racing
CP-CARRILLO H-section Connecting Rod
APE Chromoly Cylinder Stud Bolt Set
Carb / Intake NOS Four Cylinder Wet Nitrous Kit
Exhaust Brock's Performance SIDEWINDER Full System 14-inch Exhaust Hayabusa 08-17
Frame Class4 Engineering DME Chromoly Swing Arm
Brake Class4 Engineering Carrozzeria Aluminum Forged Lightweight Wheels APEX-6 Front / Rear Set
Class4 Engineering Ceramic Ball Wheel & Hub Bearing Kit
Suspension Brock's Performance Front Fork Tie Down Kit for Radial Mount Calipers
Brock's Performance Dragshock EZ Rear Shocks
Drive System D.M.E. RACING Air Shifter Kit
EK CHAIN MS630 Chain for Drag Racing
Handle / Steering Brock's Performance Hayabusa Top Bridge for Fork Projection
BABYFACE (Sato Racing) [RaceConcept]RaceConceptHandlebar Kit Flat TypeShort offset
Seat D.M.E. RACING Hayabusa Tail for Cut Seat Rail
Electrical Dynojet POWER COMMANDER V [1020-2931]

About Class4 Engineering

The price of the billet parts handled by Class4 Engineering are reasonable, and you can readily customize your beloved motorcycle. Their stylish parts are popular among Japanese fans as well as its homeland fans.


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