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Revving Up Legacy: SUZUKI HAYABUSA Custom by TG-RUN

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The 25th anniversary commemorative model sold exclusively in Japan in the summer of 2023 reminded us once again of the long history of the HAYABUSA. Since its first appearance in 1999, it has consistently distinguished itself as SUZUKI's flagship model and also as an "Ultimate Sport" machine. This bike, painted half Candy Darling Red and half Glass Sparkle Black, is a custom using that very same HAYABUSA as a base. This color scheme was a limited edition color commemorating the 50th anniversary of AMSC (Suzuki Motor Corp of America) in 2014. Though it is about 10 years old, the overall finish of this bike is a big factor in its beautiful, high quality appearance.


"We are building this bike as one of our 'Version-up Complete' customs. We have improved the quality and reduced the weight of each part, and created a riding feel that fits the owner's needs. For this bike, we have targeted and modified the suspension and the riding position," says Mr. Sugimoto of TG-RUN. Quality is not just about appearance; it is also about improving the quality of each individual part, such as how comfortable they feel, how accurately they operate as part of the machine, and how precisely they are assembled. For wheels, it is the accuracy of rotation, and for brakes, it is not only the effectiveness but also the controllability. In the case of the suspension, it means how well it follows the speed and road conditions as they continuously change, while providing the rider with an accurate feel and mitigating unnecessary shocks. On top of that, weight reduction and precise controllability are also added. The HAYABUSA already has great potential, and this will be even further enhanced. Although it is sometimes said that customizing is difficult with modern motorcycles, the basics of customization and the concept of personalizing to each owner's needs remains the same. If a total package that can bring out the best performance of the machine and each individual part can be achieved, a custom with this level of appeal can be built.



The left and right master cylinders are Brembo Racing, and a K-Factory Handlebar Riser Kit is added to the top bridge. The Cowl Inner Panel (meter cover and left and right inner panels) is a carbon type by Magical Racing.



The L4 HAYABUSA AMSC Limited Edition exterior remains stock and has been kept in beautiful condition. The Carbon Trim Windshield and Racer Replica Mirrors (TYPE-1 Head) are by Magical Racing.


The Tank End is also carbon by Magical Racing. It fits the tank well and provides great protection.


The three-dimensionally molded carbon Fender Eliminator Kit, Reflector Kit, Rear Fender, and Front Fender (with integrated fork guard) are also made by Magical Racing, creating a unified look. The TG-RUN Sports & Comfort Seat (two-tone color) enhances comfort and maneuverability.



The 1340cc liquid-cooled straight-four engine, FI, and aluminum twin-spar frame are stock. The red-and-black exterior, including the rear seat cover, has also been kept stock from the 2014 HAYABUSA, and as you can see, it is in excellent condition.


K-Factory is used for the left Engine Cover Slider, the Riding Step that creates an optimal position, and the Radiator Core Guard (with oil cooler guard).



The front fork setting is done using the stock φ43mm inverted forks. The front brakes are composed of Brembo Racing Radial CNC 4P Calipers and Brembo Supersport Discs.


The rear brakes are stock, both caliper and disc. The exhaust system is a K-Factory FRC Titanium Full Exhaust with a single right-side silencer.


The rear shocks are replaced with OHLINS TTX GP. The front and rear wheels are forged aluminum MARCHESINI M10S Kompe Evo in 3.50-17/6.00-17 sizes. The tires are Bridgestone S22's in sizes 120/70ZR17 and 190/55ZR17, and the drive chain is an RK-50XXW, so you can see that quality has been enhanced in every detail.


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Part Details
Exhaust K-FACTORY FRC Titanium Full Exhaust System Single Silencer
Brake brembo Racing Radial Brake Master Cylinder (19 x 18)
K-FACTORY Billet Brake Lever B13/Type R
brembo Racing Radial CNC 4P Caliper
brembo Supersport Discs
Wheels MARCHESINI Forged Aluminum Wheels M10S Kompe Evo Front/Rear Set
Suspension OHLINS TTX GP
Steps K-FACTORY Riding Step
Drive System RK 50XXW Drive Chain
Handle / Steering K-FACTORY Handlebar Riser Kit
Magical Racing Racer Replica Mirror TYPE-1
brembo Racing Radial Clutch Master Cylinder (16 x 18)
Seat TG-RUN Sports & Comfort Seat (Two-tone Color)
Bodyworks Magical Racing Carbon Trim Windshield
Magical Racing Cowl Inner Panel
Magical Racing Tank End
Magical Racing Front Fender
Magical Racing Rear Fender (for Stock Swingarm)
Magical Racing Fender Eliminator Kit
Magical Racing Universal Reflector Kit

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