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Tailored Performance: SUZUKI GSX-R1000R Custom by TG-RUN

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The SUZUKI GSX-R1000R has an established reputation as a supersport machine that not only has potential on the race track, but is also enjoyable on the streets. The bike introduced here uses the M2 (2022 model) as a base and was modified by Technical Garage RUN (TG-RUN). Of course, it was customized as a "Version Up Complete", which is what TG-RUN calls their complete customs, and the photo shoot was done right after it had finished being assembled. We asked Mr. Sugimoto of TG-RUN if there were any similarities or differences with other GSX-R1000Rs that they have customized.


"The similarities are the light weight and high quality. A customized machine must work as a total package with a solid center, and each part must be easy to operate and easy for the rider to control. These features make the bike safer and more secure to ride. This is true whether the base is a GSX-R, a Hayabusa, a new KATANA, an oil-cooled model, or an air-cooled model. The difference, on the other hand, is that each bike is tailored to the owner's needs, riding style, and preferences. Some owner's mainly use their bike on the street, some mainly for touring, others may ride on both the street and the track, and some might just enjoy racing. By applying settings suited to the needs of each rider, even with the same parts and package, the characteristics of each bike will change. We make each machine tailor-made by first getting to know the owner and giving top priority to their wishes. We adjust the way the bike moves, based on things like the suspension, to match the owner themselves. This machine was customized with the same idea in mind, and once we have the owner test it out on the track and make any last minute adjustments, it will be complete." Mr. Sugimoto himself rides all year round, from the streets to the track, honing his machine building skills and customization know-how that are recognized by professional riders. It must be because of this broad outlook on the customization process that each and every owner's wishes are so highly reflected in TG-RUN's complete customs.



The front master cylinder is a Brembo Racing Radial CNC, and TG-RUN's standard method is to use a lock on the pivot. The lever pin is a TG-RUN original, made of titanium.


The handlebar, stem and gauges are stock. The steering damper, which is mounted under the gauges even in stock form, was replaced with an Ohlins SD030.



The windshield has been changed to a Magical Racing Carbon Trim Windshield (twill weave carbon/clear), for a clearer view. The wired clutch holder is stock GSX-R1000R.


The seat is a TG-RUN Sport & Comfort Seat (modified from the stock seat) for better maneuverability and comfort. The fuel tank is equipped with a twill weave carbon fiber Magical Racing Tank End.



The 999cc straight-four engine, aluminum twin-spar frame, and exterior components are stock GSX-R1000R, and a core guard has been added to the radiator.



For the steps, a TG-RUN Riding Step Kit has been installed. They are made of machined aluminum for rigidity, and offer six positions for ease of operation.


The front forks are Ohlins FGRT and the front fender is made of twill weave carbon by Magical Racing. The front brake uses Brembo Racing Radial CNC 4P calipers and TG-RUN x SUNSTAR Works Expand discs.


For the rear brake, the disc has been replaced with SUNSTAR Works Expand. Beta titanium bolts are used in various places, and the exhaust system is a YOSHIMURA Slip-On R-11sq Cyclone.


The front and rear wheels are Marchesini M7RS, custom clear anodized to match the body, in sizes 3.50-17/6.00-17. The rear fender has also been replaced with one made of twill weave carbon fiber from Magical Racing. The rear shocks are Ohlins TTXGP2018.


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Part Details
Engine ETCHING FACTORY Radiator & Oil Cooler Guard Set
Exhaust YOSHIMURA Slip-on R-11Sq Cyclone EXPORT SPEC
Frame BABYFACE (Sato Racing) Racing Hook
Brake brembo Racing Radial Brake Master Cylinder (19 x 16)
TG-RUN Titanium Lever Pin for Brembo Radial Master Cylinder
brembo Radial Mount 2-Piece Caliper P4 30/34 108mm
Wheels MARCHESINI Forged Aluminum Wheels M7RS Genesi Front and Rear Set
Suspension OHLINS Upside Down Front Fork FG R&T 200
OHLINS Rear Suspension TTX-GP 2018
Steps TG-RUN Riding Step Kit
Drive System Magical Racing Chain Guard
RK 520XXW Drive Chain ED. GOLD
RK High Carbon Steel Premium Sprocket
Handle / Steering OHLINS Steering Damper
Seat TG-RUN Sports & Comfort Seat
Bodyworks Magical Racing Carbon Trim Windshield
Magical Racing Tank End
Magical Racing Front Fender
Magical Racing Rear Fender
ACTIVE Fender Eliminator Kit

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