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Light is Right : Suzuki GSX-R1000 Custom

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Quarter's GSX-R1000


The Suzuki GSX-R1000 (L8) was brought to the Quarter workshop for the production of a titanium slip-on silencer and the installation of a Bazzaz sub-controller. However, during the production of the silencer, the owner requested a custom-made titanium full exhaust system. The work focused on improving the quality of each part as the installation of Brembo's machined front master cylinder was also ordered at the same time.


This one-off exhaust was assembled by cutting a loop of pipe and welding 70 pieces together. It was worked on with attention to angles and leaks, as well as clearances inside the cowl. The completed exhaust weighs approximately 3.7 kg, which is 30% lighter than the stock exhaust. Brake hoses, exhaust brackets, titanium bolts, and washers were also taken care of during this one-off production. After the exhaust was completed, its heat color was checked, and it underwent testing and adjustment through test rides. With the inclusion of carbon parts, lightweight wheels, and inverted front forks, the actual weight measured at 181.08 kg, achieving a weight reduction of 14.18 kg compared to the stock model. This custom bike embodies the belief that "light is right," and its performance is highly anticipated.



The exterior looks stock, but it is actually black in color with carbonized side covers, front fenders, and under cowl. In addition, the windshield is a Magical Racing carbon trim version, and the mirrors are also Magical Racing carbon monocoque, A4/twill weave.


The seats were also replaced with custom-made seats from Style Seat Custom, a company that does a lot of work in the Quarter, to improve ride comfort. The sides have a carbon pattern.



The left and right master cylinders were replaced with machined Brembo radial pumps. In addition, the lever is a retractable/perforated ZETA flight perch.

Intake & Exhaust


The Quarter one-off titanium exhaust involves cutting individual pieces in a circular shape (not pipes, but flat plates), degreasing them, shaping them into pipes, and welding them together to form the exhaust. This process requires a significant amount of time and effort.


Looking at the exhaust from the right side of the undercowl, it can only be seen as shown here once it is installed. However, the weight reduction and design changes, including the silencer, are noticeable.


Buzzard's Z-AFM was used for the new exhaust, and the mounting points were produced.



The drive chain is made by DID, size 520, and the step kit is made by Baby Face.


Front and rear wheels are forged magnesium alloy MAGTAN JB3 in 3.50-17/6.00-17 sizes. Axle shafts have also been changed to chromoly for better performance on road surface.


Suspension is Ohlins front and rear (TTX in the rear) + Scuderia Okamura ME tuning. 64 titanium collar bolts are often used for brakes and linkage parts.


The radial-mounted rear brake calipers are GALE SPEED. The lightness of the overall design can be clearly seen from each parts.


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Part Details
Engine YOSHIMURA Radiator & Oil Cooler Core Protector
Exhaust QUARTER Titanium 4-2-1 Exhaust (One-off)
Frame BETA TITANIUM Rear Suspension Link Titanium Bolt Kit
Brake Brembo Racing Radial Brake Master Cylinder (19×18)
Brembo CNC Radial Mount Brake Caliper Kit P4 30 / 34 108mm Left & Right Set
BETA TITANIUM Front Brake Disc Rotor Titanium Bolt Kit
GALE SPEED Radial Mount Caliper for Rear
Wheels JB POWER [MAGTAN] Forged Magnesium Wheel JB3
Suspension OHLINS Upside Down Front Fork FG R&T 200
OHLINS Rear Suspension TTX-GP 2018
Steps BABYFACE (Sato Racing) Rearsets Kit
Drive System DID 520ZVM-X Drive Chain
Magical Racing Chain Guard
Handle / Steering ZETA Pilot Lever Brake
ZETA Flight Lever clutch
Magical Racing Racer Replica Mirror TYPE-4
Seat Style SEAT CUSTOM Seat
Bodyworks Magical Racing Carbon Trim Windshield
Magical Racing Front Fender
Magical Racing Rear Fender
Magical Racing Tank Side Cover
Magical Racing Under Cowl Tray
Electrical BAZZAZ Z-Fi Fuel Controler
BAZZAZ Z-AFM Fuel Mapping Module

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