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Suzuki GSX-R1000 Custom by KIUCHI SPL.

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This GSX-R1000 custom, based on the 2018 L8 model, is built for running faster in a drag race while remaining street spec. The only difference between both scenes is the presence or absence of mirrors mounted on the front cowl. The front blinkers are small types, and the rear blinkers are removable along with the license plate holder (which is retained in racing). The tires are grooved for street use, in keeping with the style of street bike drag racing.


After getting the bike, the owner replaced the exhaust system, installed a longer swingarm, and lowered the ride height. Then, several parts were removed to reduce weight. He removed unnecessary items and pillion steps and installed a single disc. In this way, the necessary braking performance for street use is assured. This bike can be ridden on the street as well, and the lowered ride height makes him feel easier to ride.



The cowls and fuel tank are retained. The windshield is by Zero Gravity. The front blinkers are super small LED types set in the round hollow where the stock blinker brackets were removed at the front end of the cowl side, and thin lenses are mounted on top of them.


Rear fender is removed. The pillion steps and pillion seat have been replaced with a cover. The rider's seat is also replaced with an FRP seat.



The one-panel multi-function gauge, front brake and clutch, and stem are still stock. To reduce ride height, the front forks are protruded.



The engine is almost stock, but ECU adjustments and clutch conversion have been done, and BABYFACE Flame sliders are added.



Based on the idea of removing as many things as possible, the brake disc rotor is single. Brembo caliper is also stock. Attached to the back of the caliper is a tie-down holder by Brock's. A tie-down belt can be applied to the steering head to keep the bike height lower. The front fender is a Hayabusa fender, referring to a custom bike from the U.S.


This long swingarm is fitted with extension ends. The rear shocks and wheels are both stock. The front tire is a Bridgestone S22 120/70ZR17 and the rear is a Shinko 003 190/50ZR17.


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Part Details
Exhaust Brock's Performance Sidewinder Full Exhaust
Frame DME Racing Swingarm Axle Adjuster Block 5.5"
BABYFACE Frame Slider
Suspension Brock's Performance Radial Mount Caliper Front Fork Tie Down Kit
Drive System DME Racing Chain Guard
Seat CATALYST Drag Step Seat
Bodyworks ZEROGRAVITY Windshield [Double Bubble]
PRO GRIP Superbike Grip #601

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