Springer fork Yamaha XJR1200 custom

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    This is truly the one of a kind custom motorcycle that you just don’t see everyday. The base donor is an old Yamaha XJR1200. The builder, Ambivalence Works, told Webike Magazine a story of how he built this monster bike.

    Ambivalence works: I’m an amateur at customizing and maintenance motorcycles, but I do as much as I can, from welding to painting, by myself. I go by Ambivalence Works, but neither am I a custom bike shop or a professional. I just build this bike out of my company’s office. I first mock up the 74 Springer forks by tossing it in Photoshop, and chose this bike because it was unpopular and inexpensive. I bought the XJR from a friend, and the first thing I did was to see if I could install Springer forks.

    I did as much of the work as I could by myself, but due to lack of knowledge, I had to ask a friend (a true professional) to re-torque the stem shaft of the springer and weld the tank. It took me about 7 months to build the bike, mainly working on it after work and on Saturdays.

    I used a 74 Springer forks picture to mock it up with my favorite cafe racer, scrambler, chopper, bobber, and old school style motorcycles to create a unique and cool bike that doesn’t fit into any category. I was conscious of the overall design balance and lines. I tried to make the body as small as possible to make the engine look bigger, the engine juts out from the frame when the engine guard and steps are omitted.

    It has a very aggressive riding position. The performance is surprisingly good even with the 74 Springer suspension. The tires are massive, so it will be hard to turn the bike around if you don’t get the hang of it, but once you get used to it, it will be fine. I even took it to twisties and it was great.

    Front end
    Replica 74 Springer Fork

    Brand : HURRICANE
    Separated handlebar

    Indicators -> Hand made with CAD

    The clutch master cylinder is moved under the seat and the lever is pulled by a wire to keep the handlebars clean.

    Brand: GOODS
    Mechanical Speed Meter

    Brand : NISSIN
    Retro brake master cylinder kit

    Brand : GOODS : Goods
    Roadhawk Grip

    Brand : GUTSCHROME
    3inch Round Mirror 10mm Thread


    Brand: Neofactory
    Push & Toggle Switch (Auto) Flat

    The upper part is welded using Honda GB250 stock stand, and the lower part is from the stock XJR1200. Painted with grey spot color and 2-part urethane paint.
    Sign and sticker made by myself.

    Brand: K&N
    Custom Air Filter Oval Taper Type

    Brand: Fehling
    Engine guard

    Front blinkers -> Hand made with CAD
    (It may not look like it’s attached, but it is.)

    Brand: MINIMOTO
    Exhaust Strap Thermo Vantage

    Side panel body → Hand made with CAD

    ON-ON Waterproof Toggle Switch

    Exhaust: Cut the stock exhaust. A silencer is put inside to make the sound quieter.

    Brand: M-TEC Chukyo:M-TEC Chukyo
    MRS Inner Baffle

    Rear suspension
    Harley-Davidson FLHTCU1340 SC Ultra Stock (needs modification)

    Harley-Davidson XL1200N stock, (needs modification)

    Welded chop & new stays, (needs modification)

    DC Inverter Non-Gas Semi-Automatic Welding Machine Buddy

    Tail unit Hand made with CAD

    Brand: Garage T&F
    Round tail lamp

    Brand: JILLS
    LED Triangle Winker

    Self-made parts are output by laser plotter or 3D printer and finished by urethane paint.

    Tires: KENDA Big Brogue front and rear

    Ryan G.
    Ryan G.


    Ryan G.

    Nationality is unknown, Ryan is an experienced rider and custom bike builder, spending most of his time in garage trying to make things work. He rides, he writes, and he misses In-n-Out.