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Overturn Conventional Wisdom of Naked Bike : ZRX1100 Custom

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Shabon Dama's ZRX1100


Shabon Dama's ZRX1100 aims to incorporate unique characteristics while pursuing a cohesive design unlike other custom bikes. The engine has been increased to 1109cc with a Wiseco Φ78mm piston and uses a Yoshimura ST-1 camshaft. Valve grinding and port processing have also been done, resulting in a power output of around 160 horsepower at the rear axle. The carburetor is a Keihin FCR Φ39mm, and the exhaust pipe is a limited edition model made by Nojima Engineering specifically for the Suzuka 8 Hours, with a one-off Harashow silencer after the center pipe. Along with an engine tune, a prototype five stage oil cooler is installed inside the bikini cowl to deal with the increased heat generated by the CBR1000RR race-type radiator. Futhermore, the suspension system includes high-performance custom parts such as Ohlins front forks and GILD Design stem, OZ Racing wheels, Brembo racing brakes, a Custom Axis rear shock, a Wheelie swingarm, and a 190 width tire.


The Ohlins front forks with GILD Design stems enhance the handling performance. The Wheelie's big triple square swingarm not only increases the rigidity around the rear but also creates a powerful rear view. Custom Axis shocks were chosen not just for their performance but also for their style. Italian Discacciati brake calipers were used to give the bike a unique look, different from other custom bikes, with 6-pot front calipers and Tokico 6-pot brake pads for easy maintenance. Plusμ brake rotors were utilized for both the front and rear brakes. Furthermore, every possible customization and modification, such as cowl frame mounting and frame reinforcement, has been done to make this ZRX1100 exceed the specifications of modern sports models.



The owner began customizing this bike out of admiration for the Suzuka 8 Hours machine made by Nojima Engineering, and has installed a bikini cowl for endurance racing and replicated the color scheme.


A bikini cowl designed for endurance racing is mounted to the frame, significantly improving handling. The cowl bracket and other parts are one-off and thoroughly adjusted, especially for position. Additionally, a duct is installed on the lower part of the cowl to capture the airflow and direct it to a round-type oil cooler.


The gas tank is an inner tank, achieving significant weight reduction. Additionally, the painted surface finished with clear coating exhibits a beautiful gloss while firmly protecting the coating film.


This bike was produced with the theme of a "road-going racer", so it has a racing atmosphere even from the rear. The tail cowl is made by Leopardo, and the seat is also a one-off.



A STACK tachometer and Yoshimura digital thermometer are embedded in the carbon panel, creating a lightweight and clean meter area. The visibility is also excellent, making it a wonderful design.



A Shabon Dama original "Taki bar" is used for the handlebar, achieving the perfect droop angle. In addition, Brembo's racing series is adopted for the brake and clutch master cylinders, for a thorough commitment to operability.



By installing a Wiseco Φ78mm piston and Yoshimura ST-1 camshaft and grinding the valve and port, the engine now exhibits significant power. The clutch cover is made by Wheelie.


In order to accommodate the significant increase in power gained by the engine tuning, the radiator has been replaced with a racing kit for the CBR1000RR. This enables stable high output performance in all conditions.

Intake & Exhaust


The exhaust pipes are made by Nojima Engineering specifically for the Suzuka 8 Hours. After the center pipe, a one-off Harashow silencer is used. Needless to say, this change in exhaust pipes has transformed the bike's style into something that no longer resembles a naked bike.



Ohlins front forks have been installed to enhance the bike's handling performance while significantly increasing the rigidity of the front area with a GILD Design stem. In addition, OZ Racing wheels, Discacciati brake calipers and Plusμ brake discs are also installed.


The rear brake also uses a combination of Discacciati caliper and Plusμ brake disc, similar to the front brake. The brake rotor is a one-off product with a diameter of 220mm. Additionally, the rear master cylinder uses the same Brembo Racing series as the front.


The rear wheel has a width of 6.00 and is equipped with a 190 width tire. The swingarm is a big triple square design made by Wheelie, which firmly holds the high-grip wide tire. The rear shock is made by Custom Axis.


This bike uses Wheelie rearsets. However, the mounting area has been modified to accommodate the angle of the Brembo rear master cylinder. This results in a sleek and seamless design that does not feel out of place.


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Part Details
Engine HRC Radiator Guard
Carb / Intake WISECO Over Boa Piston Kit
YOSHIMURA Camshaft Set [ST-1M]
Exhaust NOJIMA Engineering Exhaust 8 Hours Endurance Specification
Harashow Silencer
Frame GILD design Stem Kit
WHEELIE Swingarm
Brake Disccaiati 6P Front Caliper
PLUSμ Front Brake Rotors
Brembo Radial Pump
Disccaiati 6P Rear Caliper
PLUSμ Rear Brake Rotors
Brembo Racing Brake Master
Wheels OZ Racing OZ-6S CATTIVA Forged Magnesium Wheel
Suspension OHLINS Front Forks
Custom Axis Rear Shocks
Steps WHEELIE Rearsets
Handle / Steering SHABON DAMA Tacky Handlebar
STACK ST700SR Stuck Timer Dash System Base Kit

About Shabon Dama

Shabon Dama offers many custom parts mainly for Kawasaki Z1, ZEPHYR series, GPZ serices and other retro bikes. They are offering unique and originality-focused products such other can't copy. The full customization of your Kawasaki retro, vintage bike, Shabon Dama is the brand worth considering for JDM originality!

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