Minimoto custom parts manufacturer: U DOM Karnchang

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    Minimoto custom freaks should pay most attention to Thailand now. When I say it I meant it. Thailand custom bike makers such as K speed create stunning custom bikes recently, most of them are Minimoto, but there are also some domestic models available for the South East Asia market like the Yamaha XSR155 got customized. Thailand basically became the Minimoto customization capital through last decade and known for their unique and original designs. 

    I’d like to introduce you to the custom parts collection of U DOM Karnchang, these talented guys are from Thailand and they make many custom parts for Minimoto that have very cool and unique designs. 

    The phone / navigation mount is designed to be a fish liked shape to provide a perfect angle for phone / navigation viewing. If that ain’t cool enough I don’t know what else is. For Minimoto customization such as Honda Supercub, Monkey, Grom or Kawasaki Z125 pro, you need to add a little playfulness to your bike on top of performance upgrades because while you are pushing the machine limit, don’t forget that it’s a 50cc/125cc little motor and you can only get that much juice out of it, also don’t forget what was the purpose of buying it in the first place: to have fun.


    Foldable handlebars

    If you are a Monkey-head (since you clicked into this article I assume you are) you will remember the old Z50’s have these type of foldable handlebars because they were designed to have some easy Monkey fun. The same handlebar can be found on the famous Honda Motocompo too. With these kind of handlebars, the bike can be easily fit into a car’s trunk and will make you the shining star of a camping party. 

    This particular product will fit a newer Monkey 125. There’s nothing about cutting edge technology but style and fun. In my opinion, it is great for U DOM Karnchang to produce products based on a particular model’s history. Good Job!

    The Monkees of yesteryear, which were originally designed as leisure bikes, had foldable handlebars (known as “kuru-kuru” handlebars) to make them easier to carry in a car.

    Here are the handlebar parts that have been made to reproduce that style on the current Monkey 125.


    Leather wrapped Brake Lever 

    Leather wrapped Brake Lever  gives the bike a vintage look. Even though you can do the leather work from scratch, you could also spend a small fortune on these made-ready brake levers. If you are considering making a vintage look custom, this is the way to go.

    Side emblems

    No custom bike maker will let go this chance to custom the tank without having to repaint the whole thing. These side emblems are the perfect addition to the already gorgeous Monkey 125 tank. 

    Horn Cover

    Absolutely some great detail you can add to your bike.

    Chain observing window

    Another place you could put those cool emblems is the chain observing window. Usually the Supercub’s have a fully covered chain case with a black plastic cap that allow riders to take it off to check the chain condition. Here with U DOM Karnchang’s emblem you can replace it to add some details to your bike.

    If you want to try a new kind of customization. If you want to try something new and different, look no further than Thailand. 


























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