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Pursuing Speed with a 1510cc Engine and NOS Program: ZX-14R Drag Race Custom

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Red Motor's ZX-14R


This ZX-14R Custom won 5 races in a row at the 2022 JD-STER Drag Race, a drag-race competition unique to Japan which has no regulation on modifications. It looks almost like the stock ZX-14R, however, the displacement has increased to 1510cc using JE's pistons and Carrillo's connecting rods. The cylinder head has undergone port modifications by Vance & Hines, and big valves have also been incorporated. Injection is adjusted by performance chip, which leads to 230ps on the rear wheel, or 330ps relying on NOS (NITROUS OXIDE SYSTEMS).


Still, it has a risk of losing the tire grip when it runs at 3rd to 5th gear, so the owner plans to take countermeasures. Thanks to being well-maintained, it recorded 8.426s in a quarter-mile race at the final round. Why this custom runs so fast is because it has been customized so creatively. Behind the exhaust system, a weight is added to improve the controllability for lightweight riders. This amazing Drag Race Custom has many ingenious features that improve the speed.



Stock exteriors, gauges, handlebars and both masters are retained. A shift light was added to the top of the gauges. NOS switches and a small right mirror is useful in races.

Intake & Exhaust


The square object can be seen behind the silencer is a weight. It helps to prevent the front from coming up, increase the rear traction, lower the center of gravity, and improve the time. It is a common way for riders with lighter weights to match regulated weight.



The engine is 1510cc with 2mm oversized Φ86mm forged pistons by JE. The camshafts are stock, and the cylinder head has undergone port modifications by Vance & Hines.



The stock inverted front forks, Nissin Radial Mount 4-piston Calipers and Pail Discs are all retained. Brock's tie-down belt is used for lowering the body.


The rear shock is a Nitron R3 and the exhaust system is a Brock's Performance stainless steel Sidewinder. The sttock rear brakes are retained.


The swingarm is extended by using ROARING TOYZ' kit. NOS and air-shifter is installed, and wheels are 3.50-17 / 6.00-17.


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Part Details
Engine JE Φ86mm Forged Piston
Exhaust Brock's CT Series Titanium Full Exhaust
Frame ROARING TOYZ ZX14R Swingarm Extension
Suspension Φ43mm Inverted Front Fork
NITRON Rear Suspension Mono Shock NTR R3 Series
Drive System EK 530DRZ2 Drive Chain
Others Brock's Front Fork Tie down Kit for Radial Mount Caliper

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