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Enhancing Performance and Style with Premium Upgrades: KAWASAKI ZX-25R Custom

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Webike's Opinion

Here is a "KAWASAKI ZX-25R" custom by Webike community user "Y96R". Thanks to its four-cylinder engine with beautiful rev-up sound and a frame that maximizes its performance, as well as aggressive Ninja styling and advanced rider support systems, there is no doubt that the KAWASAKI ZX-25R is worthy of the Ninja ZX series name. For this custom the engine is equipped with a RAPiDBIKE-EASY kit, which has improved engine power and fuel economy, while addressing the problem of torque deficiency. For the suspension, a MONO LINE rear single shock was installed, which contributes greatly to improving both ride comfort and the bike's performance itself. In addition, the stock exhaust was replaced with OVER's full titanium megaphone 4-2-1, which makes for a more resonant bass sound at low rpm while adding depth to the higher-pitched sound heard at high rpm. Some other great customizations include the installation of POSH Faith ultra-heavy bar ends and BABYFACE frame sliders, as well as a TRICKSTAR windshield and ACTIVE fender eliminator to style up the exterior. This bike is fully stocked with a variety of cool customizations that showcase the owner's attention to detail.



Part Details
Exhaust OVER RACING Full Titanium Megaphone Full Exhaust System 4-2-1
K-FACTORY Exhaust Gasket E
Brake KAWASAKI ZX-10R Reservoir
KAWASAKI ZX-10R Reservoir Bracket Tank Cap
BABYFACE Reservoir Tank Hose
Handles POSH Ultra Heavy Bar End
EFFEX Grip Heater Switch Integrated Type
SNIPER Stem Nut Cap
ACTIVE Performance Damper
ZETA Pilot Lever Set
DAYTONA Multibar Holder
Frame BABYFACE Frame Slider
BABYFACE Axle Protector
BABYFACE Swingarm Stand Hook M8
Bodywork TRICK STAR Power Intake Duct
TRICK STAR Mesh Guard Exclusive for Power Intake Duct
TRICK STAR Windshield
KAWASAKI Single Seat Cover
MDF Rim Stripe 6M
BABYFACE Racing Hook
KIJIMA Reflector Plate Reflector
ACTIVE Fender Eliminator Kit
A-TECH Tank Front Plate
SNIPER Frame Hole Cap
SSK Carbon Tank Cap Pad
TANAX Light Sport Seat Bag
TANAX Mini Field Seat Bag
Electrical ACTIVE LED License Plate Side Blinker Compact
ACTIVE [Optional Parts] Blinker Bracket for LED License Plate Lamp
KIJIMA Smoke Blinker Lens
DAYTONA LED Compatible Blinker Relay
KITACO USB Power Supply Kit
Drive Parts DID VR46 Series Chain 520VR / 46 Silver & Gold [Caulk (ZJ) Joint Included]
SUNSTAR Front Sprocket
SUNSTAR Rear Sprocket A7075 Duralumin Hard Anodized
KIJIMA Wire Lock Drain Bolt
MWR Air Filter
BABYFACE Oil Filler Cap
KIJIMA Oil Filter
Radiator ETCHING FACTORY Radiator Guard
Suspension YSS MONO LINE Rear Single Shock [MU Series] MU456
Rearsets TERAMOTO EZ Cruise
BABYFACE Performance Footpeg Kit
moto rockman Rear Spring Kit
Wheel AELLA Rear Axle Nut Cover



A foreigner who rides in Japan, Japanese call this "Gaijin Rider". Third year in the Webike global team. He feels and shares the real bike life in Japan then presents you how interesting Japanese customs are.