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Focused On Chassis And Riding: ZRX1100 Custom

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Shabon Dama's ZRX1100


Shabondama's red-based ZRX1100 expresses its originality. The number of customized ZRX1100 is gradually decreasing nowadays, but it still shows us strong potential in ZRX1100 custom. This model was built along with the today's standard, so it will not yield to the newer customized machines. For a comfortable and nimble riding, Shabondama focused on chassis modification and so carefully designed its riding position that it can be brought for many purposes, from touring to sport riding.



The stock radiator of the ZRX1100 is still not enough to provide stable performance in sport riding and in traffic situations. Therefore, it was replaced with ACTIVE's Big Radiator to ensure stable performance in all situations.



In order to accurately control the high-performance parts, customization of the control system is also essential. The brake master is a radial type made by Nissin, and the throttle was also changed for better control.


An analog water temperature system has been added to the cockpit. The meter panel has been replaced with an ODAX EL panel for improved visibility. In addtion, handlebar is made by Hardy, and upper brackets are N Project.



The coloring is with white and gold lines to pursue a original look. The headlight was changed to a Stanley Electric for improved visibility. The MRA smoke type windshield is also installed.


The fender eliminator kit gives the tail area a sporty look. The tail lamps have been pushed back a little, and the blinkers have been replaced to a smaller type for a tidy look.


The seat is a Supreme seat to optimize the position. It provides increased comfort for city riding and touring, and has many advantages for sport riding, such as improved holding!

Intake & Exhaust


The power and response were improved by replacing to Keihin FCR Φ37mm. Since the engine is often used on the street, a K&N power filter was installed instead of using a funnel.


The exhaust system is made by OHNISHI Heat Magic. A specially ordered short type silencer is combined with a boldly raised form to create a powerful rear view.



The rear shocks have been changed to Ohlins to improve road-following performance. Gale Speed Type C forged aluminum wheels are used. They are white for a lightweight image.


Ohlins front forks were chosen. With the change of wheels, the riders can now enjoy more nimble handling. Carbon fenders were adopted for a sportier image.


The tires of 190mm width is now compatible, and the rigidity of the machine has been increased with the use of Onishi Heat Magic swingarms. The buffed luster appeals to a custom machine-like presence.


The rearset was replaced to an AGRAS to optimize the position and improve the feeling of control. The sprocket cover is a POSH billet type, and the quality of the engine area has been enhanced along with the rearset.


For the brakes, Brembo calipers are combined with GALFER Φ310mm wave discs in pursuit of enhanced braking power. White wheels are accented with red rim stripes.


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Part Details
Engine ACTIVE Big Radiator Kit
Carb / Intake JB POWER FCR Carburetor
K&N Custom Air Filter Oval Taper Type
Exhaust OHNISHI HEAT MAGIC ZRX1100 Silencer Short Type
Brake Brembo Brake Caliper P4 30 / 34 40mm
NISSIN [Smoke Tank] Radial Brake Master Cylinder Kit [Vertical Type Φ19 Radial Pump Brake Master]
GALFER Wave Disc Rotor
Wheels Gale Speed Type-C 3.50-17 Front Wheel
Gale Speed Type-C 6.00-17 Rear Wheel
Suspension OHLINS Rear Suspension Legend-Twin
Ohlins Upright Fork
Steps AGRAS Rearset
Drive System POSH Sprocket Cover With Clutch Piston Base
Handle / Steering Hardy Handlebar
Bodyworks To's Custom Supreme Seat
Electrical TG Nakagawa Hyper Ignition Reader

About Shabon Dama

Shabon Dama offers many custom parts mainly for Kawasaki Z1, ZEPHYR series, GPZ serices and other retro bikes. They are offering unique and originality-focused products such other can't copy. The full customization of your Kawasaki retro, vintage bike, Shabon Dama is the brand worth considering for JDM originality!

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A foreigner who rides in Japan, Japanese call this "Gaijin Rider". Third year in the Webike global team. He feels and shares the real bike life in Japan then presents you how interesting Japanese customs are.