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Constructed A Chassis without Standard Parts: ZRX1100

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Shabon Dama's ZRX1100


Custom Shop Shabon Dama is not only skilled at the GPZ900R and Zephyr series but also the ZRX series. This ZRX1100 is a special machine based on the Shabon Dama representative's machine, and their original products are installed in several sections.


The basic customization concept is to construct a chassis with which the rider can enjoy accelerating, and a well-dressed frame. OHLINS front forks and rear springs, and DYMAG UP7 forged aluminum wheels were installed. For the front brake system, Nissin calipers were matched with Plusμ rotors, removing the standard. The performance of the brake system is comparable to standard parts, and the brakes are designed for nimble handling and high controllability. The swingarm is manufactured by Wheelie, and the frame downtube has been replaced with a Wheelie downtube kit to reinforce the frame to match the high-grip tires. The engine was not significantly bored for easy handling, but instead, ACTIVE Big Radiator was installed to provide sufficient cooling. The oil cooler is by Earl's, and the banjo on the head oil line has a 15-degree bend angle, both are Shabon Dama's original product. The banjo in particular is a special part with two roles as a support while cornering and a dress-up element. Although some special parts are used, the customization method can be a good reference for ZRX series owners.



Shabon Dama's original handlebar was manufactured with the aim of creating a low handle bar like a clip-on. It makes it easier to carry weight on the front.



Displacement was increased using WISECO 77mm pistons and lightly tuned with Advantage ST-1.5 camshafts. The crankcase cover is a billet manufactured by Wheelie.


The radiator is a big round radiator by ACTIVE, with an oil cooler underneath. The oil cooler is an Shabon Dama's original product, which was designed to increase the bank angle.

Intake & Exhaust


The carburetor is a limited edition black absolute Yoshimura TMR-MJN 38mm. The steeply angled banjo line bypass seen on the side is an Shabon Dama original product.


The exhaust system constructed by titanium pipes organized in a 4-1 collection by OHNISHI HEAT MAGIC. And the silencer is a Shabon Dama original, made of stainless steel for a deep bass sound quality.



Although the frame-mounted bikini cowl makes handling more responsive, the handlebar-mounted cowl was left in place to give priority to the ZRX's unique appearance. The MRA windshield is enough tall and good with windproof.


The exterior painting is all done by YF Design. In the past, their coloring has been linear in design, but this ZRX1100 features many curved lines.


The DAYTONA cozy seat, with a thin seat surface and high cushioning, making it easy to sit on over long distances without getting tired. The seat surface where the rider sits is dimpled for a good hold.



For the front brake, Nissin 4-pot calipers are used instead of the standard Brembo calipers, and Plusμ Φ320mm rotors are combined. Both brands are used in road racing, and are comparable to standard parts in terms of braking power and controllability.


The stem kit is G-Craft's 30mm offset type, and this allows the chassis to turn easily.


To accommodate the use of high-grip tires, a wheelie swingarm is used and diamond-coated to increase rigidity. The rear shocks are fully adjustable by OHLINS. 


NAO rearsets have a simplified design, and the knurling of the step bar is different on the inside and outside. The heel guard is made of carbon, another feature of this product.


The wheels are DYMAG's UP7 forged aluminum wheels, a simple 7-spoke type. The rear brake calipers are Nissin, along with the front, for better control.


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Part Details
Engine WISECO Big Bore Piston Kit Φ77mm
ADVANTAGE Camshaft ST-1.5
ACTIVE Big Radiator Kit
Carb / Intake YOSHIMURA TMR-MJN Carburetor
Exhaust OHNISHI HEAT MAGIC Full Exhaust System with Shabondama original Silencer
Frame G-Craft Stem Kit
Wheelie Swingarm
Brake NISSIN 4 Pot Calipers
Plusμ Front Brake Disc Rotors
Brembo Radial Pump Master Cylinder
Wheels DYMAG [UP7X] Forged Aluminum Wheel [Size: 3.50-17]
DYMAG [UP7X] Forged Aluminum Wheel [Size: 6.00-17]
Suspension OHLINS Front Forks
OHLINS Rear Suspension
Steps NAO Rearsets
Handle / Steering Shabondama Handlebar

About Shabon Dama

Shabon Dama offers many custom parts for mainly ZEPHYR, GPZ900 and so on. They are offering originality-focused products such as popular side stands, exhausts, stems, exterior parts.

Shabon Dama brand page




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