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Reinforced Suspension and Increased Rigidity of the Frame: ZRX1100 Custom

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Shabon Dama's ZRX1100


This ZRX1100 belongs to a young owner in his early twenties. He was so fascinated by the ZRX that he obtained his driver's license and started to ride, so Shabondama will be putting a lot of effort into customizing this bike in order to fulfill his wishes.


This owner also participates in track riding events with his ZRX1100. Therefore, the customization was done to make the bike more enjoyable to ride. The main points are to strengthen the front and rear suspension to accommodate the high-grip tires and to increase the frame rigidity. Gale Speed wheels were selected for the wheels, and the rear wheel was widened to accommodate a 180-size tire. The frame was made stiffer using down tubes frame reinforcement kit from Wheelie's, resulting in a more rigid ride. The intake and exhaust systems have been modified to provide specifications that allow the rider to ride at high average speeds.



The wheelie stem kit increases rigidity around the front and improves turning performance. The bikini cowl was changed from a front fork mount to Motorcycle Doctor SUDA's frame mount kit for lighter handling.


The Fanatic tapered handlebar is installed. Its handlebar clamps are Active's to match the handlebar diameter.



The headlights are fitted with SYGN HOUSE's LED RIBBON. Its advantages of LED headlights are their brightness and longevity.



The seat has been replaced with a To's Custom Supreme seat. It is very popular among ZRX owners and has features such as cushioning for less fatigue and confortable riding.


The rearsets are a Striker, which allows the user to select the preferred position of the step bar from four positions.



The large capacity radiator kit is a round type made by Active.

Intake & Exhaust


A Keihin FCR Φ39mm carburetor has been installed with Yoshimura dual stack to perform more direct power and response in throttle.


The exhaust is the Evolution by Ohnishi Heat Magic. The titanium design is lightweight and contributes to increased power performance.



Gale Speed's VRC master cylinder was installed. This can change the amount of lever stroke, which changes the feel when operating the brake lever.


In the stock, the down tube under the engine is made of aluminum and bolted to the engine for installation and removal, so it is replaced with Wheelie's chromoly steel to increase the frame's rigidity. 


The front forks are Ohlins and cover the range from touring to track riding. The brakes are Sunstar premium disc rotors with brembo calipers.


Hyperpro is chosen for the rear shocks, allowing the rider to enjoy everything from touring to track riding. The rear shocks can be easily adjusted with a tool to suit the driving conditions.


The G-Striker swingarm was chosen for its high rigidity and moderate flex. Cornering performance is improved for enjoyment.


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Part Details
Engine ACTIVE Round Oil Cooler Kit [Big Radiator Only]
Carb / Intake KEIHIN FCRΦ39mm
Exhaust OHNISHI HEAT MAGIC Evolution Exhaust
Frame STRIKER G-Striker Swingarm
Brake Brembo 4 Pot Caliper
SUNSTAR Premium Disc rotor
GALE SPEED Brake Master
Wheels GALE SPEED [TYPE-R Front] Forged Aluminum Wheels 3.50/17
GALE SPEED [TYPE-R Rear] Forged Aluminum Wheels 6.00/17
Suspension OHLINS Front Forks
HYPERPRO Twin Shock T367 Piggyback Constant Rising
Steps STRIKER Sport Touring Concept (STC) Rearsets Kit
Handle / Steering FANATIC Taper Handlebar
Seat To's Custom Supreme Seat

About Shabon Dama

Shabon Dama offers many custom parts mainly for Kawasaki Z1, ZEPHYR series, GPZ serices and other retro bikes. They are offering unique and originality-focused products such other can't copy. The full customization of your Kawasaki retro, vintage bike, Shabon Dama is the brand worth considering for JDM originality!

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A foreigner who rides in Japan, Japanese call this "Gaijin Rider". Third year in the Webike global team. He feels and shares the real bike life in Japan then presents you how interesting Japanese customs are.