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Attention to Details: ZRX1100 Custom

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PSC's ZRX1100


Even though it's been almost 20 years since the ZRX1100 was released, there are still some people riding and loving this Kawasaki muscle bike. Today, we present to you the ZRX1100 made by PSC, a store that specializes in customizing old bikes. The engine internals have received regular maintenance, and overall, each part has been updated, with emphasis on the suspension. The wheels have been polished all the way to the hubs, and the swingarm to the back side, giving this bike a shine that makes you hard to believe that it is over 20 years old.


However, their job is not just to install the modified parts onto the motorcycle or to make the body look like a new model. Are the parts suitable for the owner's use and can the functions be balanced? Most importantly, what is the condition of the base bike on which the parts are installed? All these need to be considered by the shop. As a well-known custom builer in Japan, PSC naturally did not leave out these details.



The handlebar is Hardy and the stem is a Wheelie Street Triple Tree. The front fork offset is 30mm, the same amount as the stock.



The brake lines were also replaced with stainless steel mesh hoses. The exterior has already been painted.


The single seat cowl, which gives the impression of stretching backward, was made by Leopardo. The seat is also an original single type.


The right side clutch cover, left side pulsar cover, generator cover, and oil line bypass kit are a Kawasaki water-cooled system and each made by Wheelie. The subframe and engine slider are made by ACTIVE and MORIWAKI. An under cowl is also added.

Intake & Exhaust


Intake and exhaust systems consist of TMR Φ38mm-MJN with Nojima exhaust pipes, Ohnishi silencer, Shabondama radiator and ACTIVE oil cooler.



The OVER RACING four positions rearsets are equipped. The cleanliness of the kit is evident in every detail, including the base of the swingarm pivot.


The front forks are Ohlins Φ43mm Gold, and the rear shocks are Ohlins Legend Twin. In addtion, the swingarm is OVER RACING's product.


The wheels are Gale Speed Type-R polished 3.50-17/5.50-17. The front and rear Brembo calipers and other color schemes are also very pleasing.


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Part Details
Engine WHEELIE Top End Oil Fitting for ZRX1100/1200/ZRX1200DAEG
WHEELIE OEM Generator Cover for Kawasaki GPZ Engine
WHEELIE OEM Kawasaki Water-Cooled Clutch Cover Type S-II
WHEELIE Kawasaki Water-Cooled Pulsar Cover Conventional
ACTIVE Round Oil Cooler Kit [Big Radiator Alone]
Shabon Dama Large Capacity Radiator
MORIWAKI Skid Pad Engine Slider
Carb / Intake YOSHIMURA TMR-MJN Carburetor Φ38
Exhaust NOJIMA Silencer Eliminator Kit
Frame ACTIVE Sub Frame](/products/21580548.html "ACTIVE Sub Frame")
OVER RACING Swingarm Type 7](/products/1109957.html "OVER RACING Swingarm Type 7")
Brake Brembo Brake Caliper P4 30 / 34 40mm
SUNSTAR Custom Type Front Disc Rotor
Brembo P2-RS84 Rear Brake Caliper Shin-Kani 84mm
SUNSTAR Custom Type Rear Disc Rotor
Wheels GALE SPEED [TYPE-R Front] Forged Aluminum Wheels
GALE SPEED [TYPE-R Rear] Forged Aluminum Wheels
Suspension OHLINS Upright Front Fork Type RWU
OHLINS Rear Suspension Legend-Twin
Steps OVER RACING Rearsets 4-Position Type 2
Handle / Steering WHEELIE Straight Triple Tree or ZRX1100
HARDY Aluminium Handlebar
Seat PSC seat (One-Off)
Bodyworks LEOPARDO Tail Cowl

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