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Crafting Uniqueness: KAWASAKI ZEPHYR1100 Custom by Shop Mellows

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Shop Mellows's ZEPHYR1100


"Being influenced by his fellow motorcyclists, the owner bought this bike used in nearly stock condition. The only thing that had been changed was the switch to a short pipe exhaust. It was brought in to our shop because of a malfunction in the fuel system. It was right around the time I had opened Mellows, and to commemorate the occasion, a friend purchased a carburetor and ignition system from me. So, I replaced the carburetor and ignition system on this bike as well. That was how it started." This is how Mr. Nakagawa of Mellows describes his encounter with this Zephyr 1100. The customizations that followed were in some ways unique, and in some ways straightforward. Nakagawa says, "We started to customize this Zephyr 1100 little by little when maintenance was necessary, such as changing to Ohlins forks when the fork seals wore out, but after doing various things, the owner decided he wanted to do some larger work. He wanted to have the frame painted, and change the swingarm like other owners he knew were doing."


"But with the Zephyr, your choice of parts and the finish inevitably end up being similar to others, so I wanted to make it a bit unique and recommended some ideas to the owner that I thought would be good. He's not the type that has a set in stone idea of what the bike should be like, so he accepted my suggestions," says Nakagawa. Usually, the owner has a concept in mind and they have meetings to discuss how to work toward that concept, but because this owner was dealing with his bike in a normal way he understood what could be improved by modifying certain parts. You could also say this was because of Mr. Nakagawa's solid suggestions. Even so, he was particular about keeping the Zephyr 1100's stock large round headlight and round mirrors, so they kept those as is. Furthermore, after the photoshoot, the customizations continued to evolve by souping up the engine to 1135cc with forged pistons made by SOHC Engineering and painting the engine exterior black. There is an abundance of parts for the base model, and this shop understands the specifications and offers accurate advice. These factors are paying off for this custom.



The steering stem is an ACTIVE Convertible Stem and the handlebar is a Hardy Bar. The left and right master cylinders are Brembo RCS. The gauges are painted black, following the underlying all black concept (the engine was also painted black after the photoshoot) while also increasing ease of use. The headlight is a multi-reflector type made by KINGDOM, with the same diameter as stock.



The Candy Brown/Orange exterior, which matches well with the round headlight, uses a Zephyr 1100 Z2-type Steel Tank Set from DOREMI COLLECTION.


The double-type seat is lowered with memory foam urethane inside, and has been reupholstered. The seat catch is a one-off, and under the seat is an accessory compartment made by Bagus!



At the time of the photoshoot, the engine was a stock 1062cc with an Uotani SP2 Full Power Kit and round oil cooler, but after the photoshoot it was converted to an 1135cc with SOHC Engineering φ76mm Forged Pistons, and the exterior was painted black as well. Since the exhaust system is a Short GP Megaphone by Asahina Racing with a central merge collector, the oil pan was changed to a cut type.


The FCR φ37mm carburetor is fitted with a middle length gold color YOSHIMURA Dual Stack Funnel.



The frame side covers have been replaced with STRIKER Carbon Covers and the frame and other parts are powder coated. The steps are also by STRIKER.


The front forks are Ohlins upright and the front brakes are Brembo Axial 4P Calipers + SUNSTAR Premium Racing Discs (drilled & slits).


The rear brakes are Brembo 2P Calipers + SUNSTAR Premium Racing Discs. For the exhaust system, an Asahina Racing Short GP Megaphone was chosen.


The rear suspension is an Ohlins Grand Twin Shock with an ACTIVE Press Formed Swingarm. The wheels are forged aluminum GALE SPEED Type GP1S in 3.50-17/5.50-17 sizes. The ride height is also adjusted. The drive chain is an EK/ThreeD 530Z (GP;GD).


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Part Details
Engine SOHC ENGINEERING φ76mm Forged Pistons
Carb / Intake KEIHIN FCR Carburetor
YOSHIMURA Dual Stack Funnel System Basic Kit for FCR Large Size Four-Cylinder
Exhaust ASAHINA RACING Center Merge Megaphone Short
Frame ACTIVE Convertible Stem Kit
ACTIVE Press Formed Swingarm
STRIKER Pivot Cover
Brake brembo RCS Brake Master Cylinder
brembo Axial Mount Brake Caliper P4 30 / 34 40mm
SUNSTAR Premium Racing Front Disc (Drilled & Slits)
SUNSTAR Premium Racing Rear Disc
Wheels GALE SPEED [TYPE-GP1S Front] Aluminum Forged Wheel
GALE SPEED [TYPE-GP1S Rear] Aluminum Forged Wheel
JB POWER (BITO R&D) Hollow Chromoly Shaft
Suspension OHLINS Upright Front Fork RWU
OHLINS Rear Suspension
Drive System EK Chain ThreeD Chain 530Z
Handle / Steering HARDY Road Bar Intermediate
brembo RCS Clutch Master Cylinder
Oil Cooler ACTIVE Round Oil Cooler Kit
Bodyworks DOREMI COLLECTION Z2 Type Steel Tank Set
Bagus! Motorcycle Accessory Compartment
Electrical AS Uotani SPII Full Power Kit
POSH Machined Aluminum Shell Type Turn Signals
KINGDOM Multi Reflector Headlight

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