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Crafting the Perfect Ride: Kawasaki Z900RS Custom by AELLA

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AELLA is a brand that makes original parts, run by Casuno Motorcycle in Kyoto, Japan. Casuno Motorcycle is a bike shop run by Masaharu Kasuno, a long-time Yamaha contract rider, and AELLA was started in 1991 based on his philosophy. Initially, AELLA mainly developed and sold products for non-Japanese models such as Ducati and BMW, which Casuno also runs dealerships for. However, when the popularity of the Kawasaki Z900RS skyrocketed right from its debut at the end of 2017, they began to focus on this Japanese model and have taken the initiative in developing parts since. This is the latest version demo bike equipped with such AELLA parts.


"Our company's parts development was originally inspired by Kasuno's desire to make racing machines easier to handle for his smaller build. Since then, even after the establishment of the AELLA brand, we have always been committed to 'developing parts that make it easier for riders to control their beloved machines'. We have never made any compromises in this respect, and there have been many products that we have had to scrap during development. The slightly higher prices of our billet parts can be interpreted as a reflection of the strong commitment we put into them," says Mr. Shimoda, a sales representative from Casuno Motorcycle's AELLA Division. "On the other hand, there are also items that allow you to experience the AELLA philosophy at a reasonable price. For example, the Advanced Throttle Pipe, which reevaluates the amount of wire winding when the throttle is first opened to enable smooth starting and shifting, and the Shift Holder, which eliminates wobble of the shift shaft itself when shifting to achieve a firm shifting feel. When our customers ride with these parts installed, they are always surprised and cannot believe it is the same Z900RS." This commitment to riding comfort is reflected in all AELLA parts. It is good to try out the big parts, but we also recommend starting with a small part to experience AELLA for yourself. As mentioned at the beginning of this article, this machine conveys the brand's commitment to excellent quality.



The stock handlebar is often too far away and too wide for many Japanese people. This adjustable handlebar machined from aluminum has three different aperture angles (19 / 21 / 23 degrees, stock is fixed at 21 degrees). The drop angle created by tilting it towards the rider allows the handlebar position to be 20mm lower and the width to be up to 40mm narrower than stock.This is an item that clearly demonstrates AELLA's philosophy.


The throttle pipe was replaced with an AELLA Advanced Throttle Pipe, which eliminates the jerking start that is often felt when the throttle is first opened on the Z900RS. The high quality of the machined handlebar can also be seen from this angle. The front master cylinder is a Brembo RCS Corsa Corta.



The short license plate holder, which gives the rear view an exquisite look, is made of finely machined aluminum from the bracket to the plate holder. A full view of the shape can be seen in the eyecatch photo at the top of this article.



The frame sliders, which are offset from the frame mounts to minimize damage in the event of a fall, and a set of three engine cover guards machined from aluminum (the two on the right side are visible in this photo) are also recommended items.


An internal pressure control valve is installed to maintain proper internal crankcase pressure, and reduce engine vibration and excessively strong engine braking.



The Shift Holder adds an extra supporting point to the shift shaft to hold it and prevent it from wobbling. This also provides a stable shift feel.


The rear shocks are replaced with an OHLINS KA739, combined with a Ride Height Adjustment Link Rod Set (center of photo) that allows for stepless adjustment of the ride height by ±20mm. The link plate seen in front of the link rod is sold separately, and machined from A7075 material for high strength and sleek lines for a high quality feel.


The Riding Step Kit allows the step bar position to be moved slightly back and up so that the rider can enjoy a sporty ride. The bar position can be moved backward 10mm/20mm and upward 10mm/20mm, which can be combined to create four positions.


The Over Suspension is made by Supreme Technology from Italy and sold in Japan by Casuno Motorcycle. The weight placed inside the perpendicularly mounted pipe slides and offsets the vibration of the rear of the bike, reducing vibration to the chassis and providing efficient traction to the rear wheel to get the maximum grip out of the tire.


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Part Details
Engine AELLA Engine Cover Guard Quantity: 1 Set of 3-items
AELLA Frame Slider for Performance Damper
AELLA Crankcase Internal Pressure Control Valve
AELLA Radiator Protector
AELLA Radiator Cap Cover TYPE-I
AELLA Shift Holder
Exhaust AELLA WYVERN Collaboration Titanium Full Exhaust System
Frame AELLA Over Suspension
AELLA Link Plate
AELLA Ride Height Adjustment Link Rod Set
AELLA Rear Stand Hook Slider
Brake brembo 19RCS Corsa Corta RR [Corsa Corta] Brake Master Cylinder
SUNSTAR PREMIUM RACING Front Disc Rotor Enlargement Collar & Bolt Set
AELLA Brake Caliper Support Collar
AELLA Titanium Caliper Bolt
AELLA Rear Brake Master Tank Cap
Wheels DYMAG UP7X Forged Aluminum Wheel [DOREMI COLLECTION exclusive model].
Suspension OHLINS Rear Suspension
AELLA Machined Aluminum Preload Adjuster Knob (for Ohlins Only)
Steps AELLA Riding Footpeg Kit
Drive System EK CHAIN 525ZVM-X Drive Chain
Handle / Steering AELLA Machined Aluminum Adjustable Handlebar
AELLA Handlebar Upper Bracket
AELLA Handlebar Post
AELLA Advanced Throttle Tube
Bodyworks AELLA Short License Plate Holder
AELLA Special Reflector Kit for Short License Plate Holder

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