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Diving into Blue: KAWASAKI Z900RS Custom

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Webike's Opinion

Here is a "KAWASAKI Z900RS" custom by Webike community user "Mi-29". The exhaust is an r's gear Wyvern Classic. It is significantly lighter and delivers more power and torque compared to the stock exhaust. Its blue heat color matches the bike's body color. The handlebar is replaced with an aluminum handlebar by ARCHI, designed to give the rider a sporty riding position. In addition, POSH Ultra Heavyweight Bar Ends are installed for vibration reduction. They are also blue to match the bike body. KIJIMA Grip Heaters are installed along with DAYTONA's Accessory Power Supply Unit, D-UNIT Plus, to protect the hands from cold. For a dress-up effect, a CF POSH Cap Bolt & Nut, PMC Kawasaki Emblem, OVER RACING Pivot Hole Plug, and AELLA Radiator Cap Cover TYPE-II are used. The seat is a tuck-n-roll type from ARCHI, giving the Z900RS a stylish finish without compromising its original appearance. The race-like rear view is achieved with a combination of KIJIMA Fender Eliminator Kit and ARCHI Rear Fender. The tail light uses a POSH Luminous LED Tail Lamp Unit. The suspension is a MORIWAKI x NITRON Monoshock Racing, and the rearsets are made by Over Racing for improved maneuverability and reverse shift support.



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Part Details
Exhaust r's gear Wyvern Classic R High Mount Type
Handles ARCHI Handlebar
POSH Ultra Heavyweight Bar End
Bodyworks CF POSH SUS Cap Bolt & Nut Set for License Plate
PMC Stem Emblem Series Kawasaki Type
KIJIMA Fender Eliminator Kit
ARCHI Rear Fender
OVER RACING Pivot Hole Plug
ARCHI Seat Assembly Tuck-n-Roll
Electrical KIJIMA Grip Heater GH10 with Built-in Switch Grip Length 130mm
DAYTONA Accessory Power Supply Unit D-UNIT Plus
DAYTONA Slender USB Type-A QC3.0 30W Main Key Linked
POSH Luminous LED Tail Lamp Unit
Radiator AELLA Radiator Cap Cover TYPE-II
Suspension MORIWAKI [MORIWAKI x NITRON] Racing Monoshock
Rearsets OVER RACING Rearsets 4 Position



A foreigner who rides in Japan, Japanese call this "Gaijin Rider". Third year in the Webike global team. He feels and shares the real bike life in Japan then presents you how interesting Japanese customs are.