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SDG Showa Denki Colors: KAWASAKI Z900RS Custom by K-FACTORY

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This Z900RS Custom was built by K-Factory as a demo bike for SDG Showa Denki Group's industrial show exhibit. The presence at the show of demo bikes from all four of the major Japanese manufacturers helped create a buzz. SDG Showa Denki Group supports a team called SDG Honda Racing, which includes riders who have competed in various races in Japan and around the world. At the Suzuka 8-Hours Endurance Race in 2023, one of SDG Honda Racing's riders on the CBR1000RR-R fought for the top position from the beginning of the final race, and even in difficult conditions when the weather broke down towards the end, he was able to fight for the podium. The provisional final results showed SDG Honda Racing in third place, and they succeeded in the remarkable achievement of getting four of their racers onto the podium. In this way, it can be said that the 2023 Suzuka 8 Hours was a race that symbolized the support SDG Showa Denki Group provides for their riders.


They did not only contribute to the race itself, but the "Wind Racer" ventilators made by the SDG Showa Denki Group helped make many pit environments comfortable during the extremely hot Suzuka 8 Hours race. The company contributes to environmental improvement in its core business as well as in racing. With such a foundation, they are well versed in the meaning of creating demo bikes. And this Z900RS is colored in the SDG Showa Denki colors. K-Factory was in charge of the production, based on their relationship as fellow motorcycle enthusiasts, and made full use of Z900RS parts and one-off parts that they themselves manufactured. The look was renewed by installing a cowl and lowering the handlebars. The under cowl is actually for the GPZ900R and was carefully machined to fit along the billet downtube. The combative position that matches this look and the suspension that has been carefully crafted down to the last detail give the impression of a fun-to-ride sports naked bike that has evolved from the original neo-classic. With this look and the various parts equipped, it is sure to catch the eye at shows and other events, and from there the same kind of buzz that we mentioned at the beginning of this article is sure to spread.



The front cowl is a Z900RS Stone Cowl by Doremi Collection, finished in SDG Showa Denki Group colors like the body. The Machined Aluminum Triple Tree by K-Factory with all-aluminum construction and lightweight finish is a prototype. Noteworthy are the brackets for the cowling and master cylinder cups, all of which are of course one-off items, but the careful attention to detail is evident.


The Variable Quick Handlebar Kit from K-Factory converts the handlebars from a bar type to clip-ons. The bar ends and lever guards are also made by K-Factory. For the front brake master cylinder, a radial-pump Brembo RCS was selected.



The exterior is painted in tricolor, based on the SDG Showa Denki Group's racer livery, arranged specifically for the Z900RS.



The engine area is fitted with a Side Cover Type II which is compatible with radiators from the 2021 model year onward. Engine sliders are also installed.


The Radiator Core Guard R Type made by K-Factory is installed to protect the radiator core from gravel and debris.

Intake & Exhaust


The CLR-RG+ Titanium Full Exhaust Hexagon Silencer is a gold full exhaust that looks great against the tricolor of SDG Showa Denki Group. The finish is typical of K-Factory, with heat-coloring on the titanium.


An under tube is installed on both sides of the exhaust pipes (the one in the photo was still under development). Machined from duralumin to increase frame rigidity and reduce torsion. The stock frame and exhaust can also be used.



The Riding Step, a machined aluminium step kit with four positions to choose from, is equipped in silver. The pedal part has a 5mm range of movement and the footpeg position can be adjusted to 20mm x 50mm, 20mm x 60mm, 30mm x 50mm and 30mm x 60mm (back x up) compared to stock.


The swingarm is an original made from a 90 x 30mm large cross-section reinforced square pipe. It is characterised by its flexibility in the lateral direction while ensuring firm vertical rigidity. The photo shows the special-order black version.


The K-Factory duralumin machined Pillion Step Plate (left/right set) is compatible with high-mount exhausts and can also be used in conjunction with the Aluminium Exhaust Bracket for stock position. The stock pillion step bar can also be used, but for this bike a K-Factory Pillion Step Bar (for Kawasaki) has been equipped.


For the front suspension, an Ohlins Upside Down Fork was chosen. The brake discs are Sunstar Works Expand discs with Brembo 484 Café Racer CNC 4P calipers. The front and rear wheels are BST Carbon MANBA7TEK, achieving a significant reduction in unsprung weight. The sizes are 3.50-17/6.00-17 and the tires are BS RS11s.


Link Rods from K-Factory that allow adjustment of the rear suspension link rod length in the range of -10mm to +10mm compared to stock (ride height can be adjusted by ±20mm) and machined aluminium Link Plates (left/right set) in the stock shape are equipped, both in Super Black.


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Part Details
Engine K-FACTORY Engine Slider
K-FACTORY Radiator Side Cover Type II
K-FACTORY Radiator Core Guard
Exhaust K-FACTORY CLR-RG+ Titanium Full Exhaust Hexagon Silencer
Frame K-FACTORY Under Tube
K-FACTORY Swingarm
Brake brembo 19RCS Corsa Corta Brake Master Cylinder
brembo CNC Radial Mount Brake Caliper Kit 32/32 108mm 484 Left/Right Set
brembo CNC Rear Brake Caliper Kit P2 84mm Black
SUNSTAR WORKS EXPAND Rear Floating Disc Rotor
Wheels BST Carbon Wheel Black Mamba 7-Spoke Front and Rear Set
Suspension OHLINS Upside Down Front Fork FG R&T 200
OHLINS Rear Suspension
K-FACTORY Link Plate
Steps K-FACTORY Riding Step
K-FACTORY Pillion Footpeg Plate
K-FACTORY Repair Step Bar
Drive System EK Chain ThreeD Chain 530Z
Handle / Steering K-FACTORY Variable Type Quick Handlebar Kit
K-FACTORY Lever Guard M8 Spec. (Billet)
Bodyworks DOREMI COLLECTION Stone Cowl


K-Factory is a brand specialized in stainless and titanium hand bending mufflers. They first released well-known full titanium exhaust Quattro silencer and has been developing innovative and original exhaust system.

K-FACTORY brand page

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