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Kawasaki Ninja250SL Custom by MH ASANO

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Japanese Custom Culture

Here is an original series "JCC" stands for "Japan Custom culture" written by Webike Japan. There is no doubt that Japan has one of the best and unique custom parts and its culture in the motorcycle industry, but the language barrier has led to the closure of JDM motorcycle culture to the outside of Japan. Through this JCC contents, we present you one of a kind custom and mods bikes by professional craftmen and enthusiasts who just can't stop loving motorcycle.

MH ASANO's Ninja250SL


At first glance, one might imagine a street model. It has a stylish appearance, with the entire body in a military-style matte green color and the upper cowl wrapped with a game character. However, this Ninja 250SL is custom built for track riding and racing fun. Its design, which does not look like a racer, was created based on the concept of standing out on the race. But as a racer, it is not only designed to stand out, also for performance.


The Ninja 250SL has high potential even without any modifications, and also it is very easy to control. Of particular note is the MH ASANO full exhaust. Despite being a single exhaust, the twin-tail design has an outstanding impact. Not only that, its smooth torque make it very easy to handle, regardless of the course. In addition, an AGRAS initial adjuster is installed to allow for preload adjustment. Although not a large scale project, this customization was done to the exacting specifications to improve the handling. Furthermore, K&T's clean cut, thermostat cancellation, TZ125's stock seat, and AGRAS wheel collars are all details that have been carefully considered. The result is a machine that is fun to look at, fun to ride, and full of the kind of attention to detail that is typical of MH ASANO.

Intake & Exhaust


MH Asano's full exhaust for flat torque. Even though it is a single engine, it has dual-exhaust and is full of originality.



The handle is made by AGRAS. Increased sweep angle and adjustable end-shrinkage for a sporty position allows for a preferred setting.


The AGRAS initial adjuster is installed to take full advantage of the high potential of the suspension system. They are also very useful in races.



The data logger chosen for the vehicle measurement is a Perkal Lapcom S-ALL10. It is ideal for racers who want to record and analyze their data for the race.



The exterior made by RS Ito is painted matte green. The parts where a game character painted are wrapping. Wrapping allows for a wide range of dress-up options.


The front fenders made by A-Tech are carbon kevlar. The fenders match the vehicle's body color and are well designed, but they also make a significant contribution to weight reduction.



To improve sportiness, the seat was also modified: the stock seat rubber of the TZ125 was changed. It supports sporty riding.


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Part Details
Exhaust MH ASANO Exhaust System
Handle / Steering AGRAS Handlebar Kit with Initial Adjuster
Seat TZ125 Stock Seat Rubber
Bodyworks CLEVER WOLF Painting
A-TECH Front Fender SPL
Electrical PERCUL Data Logger S-ALL10


A custom motorcycle store specializing in Kawasaki models, established in 1925 in Tokyo.





A foreigner who rides in Japan, Japanese call this "Gaijin Rider". Third year in the Webike global team. He feels and shares the real bike life in Japan then presents you how interesting Japanese customs are.