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Kawasaki Ninja H2 Custom by TK FACTORY

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Japanese Custom Culture

Here is an original series "JCC" stands for "Japan Custom culture" written by Webike Japan. There is no doubt that Japan has one of the best and unique custom parts and its culture in the motorcycle industry, but the language barrier has led to the closure of JDM motorcycle culture to the outside of Japan. Through this JCC contents, we present you one of a kind custom and mods bikes by professional craftmen and enthusiasts who just can't stop loving motorcycle.



This bike was customized by TK Factory, which produces carbon and machined parts for a wide range of fields. At first glance, it looks like a closed-course version of the Ninja H2R with winglets for the mirrors. In fact, this mirror part was manufactured by TK Factory as a wing mirror for the H2. As shown in the partial photo, the mirror can be rotated and retracted, and of course, like the stock Ninja H2, it also functions as a mirror. The blinkers are also hidden near the base of the mirror. The rest of the exterior features Garage 414 side wings, Magical Racing front and rear fenders and windshield, an A-Tech cowl, and OVER RACING ducts, all of which are fully carbon fiber, and look like they could even surpass the stock Ninja H2 CARBON.


The suspension is also eye-catching, with front and rear Ohlins suspension, Brembo calipers, and other parts that can be replaced are all upper grade. The wheels are forged by Advantage, and here they are wearing aluminum EXACTII Racing 10 single-sided wheels, one size wider than the stock 6.25 width, as if they are wearing the recently released Ninja H2 compatible wheels.



The Ninja H2 mirrors are sculpted to look like Ninja H2R wings, and the movable wing mirrors, which can be rotated and stored, are original to TK Factory.


The mirrored surfaces will be visible in the folded position. The mirror coated windshield with carbon trim, tank side covers and front inner cover are made by Magical Racing. Side wings on both sides of the cowl are made by Garage 414. The rest of the exterior is made by A-Tech and the exterior is full carbon.



The engine / a supercharger is stock, but the 250 hp spec. has been achieved by modifying the exhaust system, Dynojet sub-computer, etc. An Extreme Creations intercooler kit was also added, and a clear clutch cover was machined out of all but the window.

Intake & Exhaust


The 4-2-1 titanium full exhaust with slash-cut ends is an Australian-made by Van Demon, and is the only part of the intake and exhaust system that has been modified.



The front forks are Öhlins FGR T200 and the front axle shafts are set up with KOOD's chromoly 8-hr special. Front brake calipers with Over Racing carbon front caliper ducts added are replaced with Brembo CNC opposed 4-piston, .484.



The frame of the steel pipe trellis is also stock. The front sprocket cover is a one-off as is the clutch cover. The water pipe is made of Trick Star titanium. Over Racing rearset kit was installed.



The rear shock is an Ohlins KA-363 and the rear caliper is a Brembo 84mm Racing. The wheels are Advantage Exact II Racing 10, forged aluminum for the Ninja H2, and feature the newly added rear 6.25 width (6.25-17; previously only 6.00-17). The front is the same 3.50-17 size as stock. The '15-'18 H2s have been confirmed to fit; contact Advantage for installation on '19 and up. Tires are Bridgestone RS11 with 200/55 size tires on the rear.


Ninja-H2_TK-FACTORY_1.jpg Ninja-H2_TK-FACTORY_2.jpg Ninja-H2_TK-FACTORY_3.jpg
Ninja-H2_TK-FACTORY_4.jpg Ninja-H2_TK-FACTORY_5.jpg Ninja-H2_TK-FACTORY_6.jpg
Ninja-H2_TK-FACTORY_7.jpg Ninja-H2_TKFACTORY_8.jpg Ninja-H2_TKFACTORY_9.jpg


Part Details
Exhaust VAN DEMON Full Exhaust System
Brake Brembo CNC Radial Mount Brake Caliper Kit 108mm .484 Left & Right Set
KOOD Front Axle Shaft
OVER RACING Carbon Front Caliper Air Duct
Brembo P2-CR84 Rear Brake Caliper P2 34 84mm
Wheels ADVANTAGE EXACT II RACING 10 Full Forged Aluminum Wheel
Suspension OHLINS Upside Down Front Fork FG R&T 200
OHLINS Rear Shock KA-363 T36PR1C1LS


Unlike most workshops, TK Factory is a hobbyist in the field of these parts. If you are interested in the wing mirror mentioned at the beginning of this article, please refer to the TK Factory Facebook page.


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