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Not To Be Outdone by Modern Motorcycles.: GPZ900R Custom

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It exploded in popularity when Tom Cruise rode it in the movie "Top Gun," and it remains extremely popular to this day. The GPZ900R is the earliest member of the Ninja family of sport bikes. Today we bring you the Kawasaki GPZ900R custom by K-FACTORY.



Big bored to 1025cc with φ75×58mm with Wiseco forged pistons and a 58mm crank originally made for the ZX-10. The oil pan creates a cleaner silhouette under the engine while also improving cooling, two birds with one stone.


The GPZ900R is originally a diamond frame, which means that the down tube does not exist. The down tube prevents the frame from distorting and twisting even at high power and high speed.


The unique machined clutch cover design is outstanding, by matching the color of the engine itself, it has a cool, chic, sophisticated look. Duracon sliders can also be installed and the Duracon section will protect the engine in the event of a fall.


For the pulsing cover, the K-FACTORY logo is engraved on the front, and the unique design and texture are distinctive.

Intake & Exhaust


Changing to a proper carburetor is an essential point when customizing a carbureted motorcycle. Especially FCR is the most popular carburetor in vintage motorcycle customization; and of course, it is installed on this GPZ900R. Powerful acceleration is achieved with this carburetor.


Look at this shiny gold exhaust. This is the result of K-FACTORY's feedback from its track experience. The name "D-header" comes from the "D" shaped header pipes near the exhaust port. Thanks to the greatly increased power, the exhaust pipes make the GPZ even more fun to ride than it used to be.


The sound is relatively low because of the hexagonal silencer, but once the throttle is opened it quickly becomes massive.



Its strong chassis is no less impressive than any of the current models. Ohlins Upright Φ43 front forks equipped, and K-FACTORY chose black for the outer and inner tubes to match the chassis. They made the front look more compact by de-emphasizing yellow and going bold with black.


The rear suspension is not an off-the-shelf product, but rather a YSS rear shock absorber and Hyper Pro springs. In other words, this is a rear suspension that you can't usually buy. This is a testament to the seriousness of K-FACTORY's approach.


The 5-spoke wheels are designed for stability under hard braking and at high speeds.


The large square tube swingarm made of Duramax with dimensional specification cross section. It is a further evolution of the traditional swingarm to achieve rigidity, bending and weight reduction. The original concept of "open and bending" characteristics has been further enhanced.


At first glance, only the black parts look like rearsets, but all the shiny silver parts are also parts of the rearsets. The most distinctive feature is the oval-shaped silver part. This part can be installed in reverse to lower the pivot position by 20mm.



The lever guards and billet levers are made from machined aluminum. The lever guard is mainly used on the race track, but it also functions as a shield to protect the rider's hands when riding on the street. The billet lever is relatively slim, easy to grip, and gives a sharp impression. In addition, the rider can adjust the lever with gloves on and fine-tune it while riding if the optional lever adjuster or adjustable wire are installed.


The tank cover alone is proof of K-FACTORY's attention to detail. It is a revolutionary piece of equipment that tightens the handlebar area by simply installing it.


The aluminum machined triple clamp makes it lighter in weight, lighter in handling, and tougher than the stock clamp.



Meter boxes in vintage bikes use filament bulbs, which reduce nighttime visibility. The diffused LEDs provide bright instrumentation lighting. What's more, they consume less than 50% of the power of conventional devices! It is designed to be battery friendly for vintage bikes.


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Part Details
Engine K-FACTORY Aluminum Billet Oil Pan
Carb / Intake KEIHIN FCR Carburetor
Exhaust K-FACTORY Full Exhaust System D-Header
Frame K-FACTORY Down Tube
K-FACTORY Swingarm
Brake K-FACTORY Billet Brake Lever
K-FACTORY Triple Tree
Wheels GALE SPEED [TYPE-GP1S Front] Aluminum Forged Wheel
GALE SPEED [TYPE-GP1S Rear] Aluminum Forged Wheel
Suspension Ohlins Upright Front Fork
YSS MONO LINE Rear Single Shock [MG Series] MG456
Steps K-FACTORY Riding Step
Handle / Steering K-FACTORY Lever Guard
Bodyworks K-FACTORY Reservoir Tank Cap
K-FACTORY Clutch Cover TYPE2
K-FACTORY Pulsing Cover TYPE2
Electrical K-FACTORY Meter LED Set


K-Factory is highly supported by track users. The lineup includes the ""D-header"" series of high-quality exhausts manufactured in-house, engine sliders, core guards, pre-load adjusters, and many other products designed for use at the race track. The beauty of the billet parts and exhausts is nothing short of spectacular.

K-FACTORY brand page




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