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Honda’s Legendary Homologation Motorcycle VTR1000SP Still Alive

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Webike's Opinion

Here is a "HONDA VTR1000SP" custom by Webike community user "Nakamura". The VTR1000SP was released 20 years ago. In this custom, the owner changed several parts to keep the best performance on races. OHLINS Suspension S46PR1C2LS, MORIWAKI Rearsets, and Ladybird Titanium Exhaust are all designed specifically for the VTR1000SP, which bring the race performance and the ride comfort to the next level. The handlebars are ACTIVE's universal Clip-ons. BLR's i-CON III Injection Controller allows for detailed injection adjustment, making this a bike that can be enjoyed not only for racing, but also for riding on normal roads.



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Part Details
Exhaust Ladybird Titanium Exhaust System
Brake ENDLESS Super Hybrid Sintered Pad
Handles ACTIVE Clip-ons
Frame NEX Performance Stand Hook
Bodywork STOMPGRIP Traction Pads Street Motorcycle Kit
Drive Parts SUNSTAR Rear Sprocket Duralumin
Engine BLR i-CON III Injection Controller
Suspension OHLINS Rear Suspension
Rearsets MORIWAKI Rearsets Kit



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