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The Oldest CUB in Webike Community EVER!?: SUPER CUB 50 Custom

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Webike's Opinion

Here is a "HONDA SUPER CUB 50" custom by Webike community user "Max". The Super Cub C50, originally modeled after the 1958 Super Cub C100, has been in production for 57 years since its engine was converted from OHV to OHC (SOHC) in 1966. It features reliable DAYTONA Pro Brake Shoes and NTB Rubber Grips, which are made with the same shape and material as the stock ones. However, the owner felt that the handlebar diameter was thinner on the left grip, so he purchased right grips for both sides. The exterior is equipped with an Asahi Windshield CUB-F3 Windshield and a Knuckle Visor, providing complete protection from headwinds when riding. The owner has also replaced the NTB Air Filter and installed the NTB Wheel Damper Set. If you have been experiencing discomfort while riding due to rubber parts cracking or becoming stiff over time, it may be time to consider replacing them. The Super Cub offers a balance of enjoyable and easy handling, allowing you to experience a pleasant riding. Why not nurture your own customized Super Cub?





Part Details
Brake DAYTONA Pro Brake Shoe
Handles NTB Rubber Grip
Bodywork Asahi windshield Windshield
KIJIMA License Plate Flap
KIJIMA Hell Lock Wire
Electrical Battery Man Battery BM4L-BS (YT4L-BS Compatible) (Pre-charged)
Engine NGK Standard Plug C6HSA 3228
NTB Air Filter



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