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Honda Rebel1100 Custom by K-FACTORY

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K-FACTORY's Rebel1100


The Rebel, with its low seat height of 690mm and genre-less design, has gained great popularity. Although classified as a Cruiser by Honda, the Rebel has broken away from the conventional viewpoint of Cruiser, and has secured a position as a new standard motorcycle with good footing and versatility. Rebel1100 was introduced with a 1082 cc parallel twin-cylinder engine. The bike in the photo is based on the Rebel1100 DCT, which was built by K-Factory with new parts for the production version. The gold-finished titanium full exhaust with the company's new iconic hexagonal silencer also enhances the Rebel's simple construction.


For those who are tired of the size and weight of large Cruisers, the Rebel and K-Factory parts should be very attractive. The wide range of customization options of the Rebel is sure to expand enjoyment.



The Rebel 1100 lever guards, which are also fitted with a machined aluminum billet bar ends. The carbon mirrors made by Magical Racing also improve atmosphere.

Intake & Exhaust


Radiator core guard protects the radiator core from pebble hits and other things with a high-precision honeycomb mesh plate made of etched stainless steel, and also allows for ventilation. For the Rebel 1100, the design also covers the sides of the core. The lineup includes the R type shown in the photo and the black type.


You can see from this angle that the radiator core guard also covers the radiator core side, while accentuating the overall bodywork.


Titanium Full Exhaust (Hexagon Silencer) is a 2-1 layout with K-Factory's unique machined aluminum ends front and rear + titanium hexagon silencer. This contributes greatly to weight reduction.


The titanium exhaust pipe adds a high-quality accent to the simple impression of the Rebel1100.



The front axle sliders. Their base plates were made of machined aluminum and painted in a stay gold. The duracon sliders were in black with K-FACTORY logo in white on the sides. Front forks are replaced with OHLINS RWU.


The rear shocks are OHLINS as well as the front forks.


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Part Details
Engine K-FACTORY Oil Filler Cap G Type
K-FACTORY Drain Bolt D Type
K-FACTORY Radiator Core Guard
Exhaust K-FACTORY Full Exhaust (Hexagon Silencer)
Wheels K-FACTORY Front Axle Slider
Suspension OHLINS Upright Front Fork "RWU Type
OHLINS Grand Twin Rear Shock
Handle / Steering Magical Racing NK1 Mirror TYPE-6
K-FACTORY Billet Bar End Type G
Bodyworks K-FACTORY Plate Holder


K-Factory is highly supported by track users. The lineup includes the ""D-header"" series of high-quality exhausts manufactured in-house, engine sliders, core guards, pre-load adjusters, and many other products designed for use at the race track. The beauty of the billet parts and exhausts is nothing short of spectacular.


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