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Japanese Custom Culture

Here is an original series "JCC" stands for "Japan Custom culture" written by Webike Japan. There is no doubt that Japan has one of the best and unique custom parts and its culture in the motorcycle industry, but the language barrier has led to the closure of JDM motorcycle culture to the outside of Japan. Through this JCC contents, we present you one of a kind custom and mods bikes by professional craftmen and enthusiasts who just can't stop loving motorcycle.

Webike's Opinion

Here is a "HONDA MONKEYBAJA" custom by Webike community user "Mame". The owner fell in love with the bike at first sight when it was first released and bought it new, and has been in love with its cool style for almost 30 years! It was time to start worrying about parts and consumables, but he took advantage of the abundance of parts available for the Monkey series to customize key parts. The exhaust is made by SP TAKEGAWA, the clutch is a Kitako disc drive unit, the suspension is SHIFT UP, and the engine parts were diverted from a Cub 90 and reinforced and so on. There are too many customizations to be mentioned here, but the distinctive dual headlights are still stock, probably because the owner fell in love with the style! Of course, since the base model is Monkey, some people say, "The tank is too small! It's not loadable!" etc., it is wrong in a sense to ask for the same thing as a normal motorcycle. However, a bike with such a strong impact as this radio-controlled buggy is unique. It was discontinued in 1993, and it is getting rarer and rarer!



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Part Details
Exhaust SP TAKEGAWA Exhaust (Modified) for MONKEYBAJA
Brake Stock Cub Brake Arm
Clutch KITACO 3 Disc Drive Unit Assembly
Handle / Steering SP TAKEGAWA Racing Up Handlebar Pipe
Suspension SHIFT UP Rear Shock Type-2
G-Craft Reinforcing Bush for Standard Fork
Bodywork / Fairing SOLID UP FRP Meter Visor in Stock Shape
Lights LED Slim Tail Lamp Kit
Sprocket SUNSTAR Front Sprocket 15T
SUNSTAR Rear Sprocket 31T
RK Standard Series Chain 420MRU
Carb / Intake KITACO Big Carburetor Kit Keihin PC Φ20
Engine Cub 90 Cylinder Head
Cub 90 Cylinder
Cub 90 Piston
Cub 90 Crankshaft



A foreigner who rides in Japan, Japanese call this "Gaijin Rider". Third year in the Webike global team. He feels and shares the real bike life in Japan then presents you how interesting Japanese customs are.