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A Monkey in Z2 clothing: HONDA MONKEY Custom by Satoshi Nakagawa

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Satoshi Nakagawa's MONKEY


The front and rear are both equipped with three-spoke cast wheels, while the front has also been converted to a disc brake. Instead of using high-performance calipers, calipers with a stock look and rotors without holes, as well as rubber hoses, are used, perfectly fitting the concept of this custom; to make a Z2 out of a Monkey. Of course, the oil cooler hose is also made of rubber, and the steering damper has a black body like those used on the classic Z2.


Since the bike has come this far, of course a quad exhaust is the next obvious addition. On top of that, the pillion step, which also serves as an exhaust bracket, has been reproduced using an additional frame. The pillion bar and seat, as well as the coloring, which mimics the Kawasaki stock Candy Brown/Orange design, are the same as the Z2, and the paintjob making the generator cover look like an SOHC also strikes a chord!

Intake & Exhaust


The passion of the person in charge of this customization can be seen in the fact that the exhaust is not a product that was once available on the market, but a one-off quad exhaust that they created themselves. The rib on the plated fender has also been reproduced.



The amazing attention to detail in every part, such as the reflectors attached to the rear shocks and the short pillion bar and step, truly make this bike look like a miniature version of the Z2!


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Part Details
Engine KITACO 88cc Light Big Bore Kit
SP Takegawa Manual Enhanced Clutch Kit
Carb / Intake PC20 Carburetor
Exhaust Original One-off Quad Exhaust
Bodyworks All original one-off exterior parts

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