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A Stunning Sport Spec: HONDA GROM Custom

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G-craft's GROM


The Honda GROM(MSX125) returned for 2021 with a radical new look and a new engine that underpins its easy-to-use, fun and functional nature. This mini-bike has been an international hit with young riders.


We have introduced G-craft's Monkey in a past article, and today we would like to bring you a sports version of the GROM by G-craft.

Intake & Exhaust

The exhaust pipe and tail pipe have been designed with careful attention to detail, including avoiding drain bolts and other serviceability issues, while taking advantage of existing data. The silencer itself has also been redesigned to maximize the use of the limited space and to improve the overall performance of the exhaust system, such as muffling, output improvement, and weight reduction. A new bracket using the stock rubber bushings is used to mount the silencer. The silencer is now more reliable and stylish in appearance.



It is lightweight and highly rigid, weighing 1.8 kg compared to the stock swingarm weighing 3.5 kg, and improves the manuverability of the GROM by reducing unsprung weight. With a 60mm x 25mm pipe, the chain puller is a back-pull type which also improves serviceability. Pivot section is bearing spec, and both front and rear are Brembo brake calipers, with the front caliper support being universal with the Monkey 125. The rearset kit was developed for easier handling in daily riding and touring with 3 positions. (50mm back/20mm up, 60mm back/25mm up, 70mm back/30mm up)



For starters, the decal kit is not for sale, but it has to be said that the decal makes the original compact GROM look more dynamic. Honda always uses red, white and blue in their supersport models. G-craft follows this color scheme on this sport version of the GROM, and nothing feels out of place.


The face is reminiscent of the Honda CT125 Huntercub. Because of the large area of the GROM's headlight, G-craft developed this guard to prevent it from being crashed. The black steel material increases its sense of power and gives it a mean looking face. The specially designed steel plate does not interfere with the lighting, which allows night time riding without the lights becoming dark.


Seems like the stock rear fender is the first thing every GROM owner gets rid of, and indeed the fender eliminator gives the rear end a sharp and racy look.


The billet shift guide to hold gear shafts is made from aluminum. The gear shaft is less subject to flexing during shifting, which improves the shift touch and makes shifting easier. Sealed bearings are used to prevent the intrusion of dust and other contaminants.


HONDA_GROM_01.jpg GROM-2.jpg HONDA_GROM_02.jpg
GROM-3.jpg 32415.jpg 32407-2.jpg


Part Details
Engine G-Craft Camshaft Cover
Exhaust OVER RACING TT-Formula Full Titanium Up Type
Frame G-Craft Swingarm
Brake G-Craft Rear Caliper Support for GROM
G-Craft Caliper Support
Brembo P2-RS84 Rear Brake Caliper 84mm
Steps G-Craft Rearset
Bodyworks G-Craft Headlight Guard
G-Craft Billet Generator Cover Guard
G-Craft Billet Crankcase Cover Guard
G-Craft Billet Tappet Cover
G-Craft Billet License Plate Holder
G-Craft billet cap
G-Craft Shift Guide
Electrical ACTIVE LED License Plate Side Blinker Compact Mini

About G-craft

G-craft is dealing with parts for customizing 4MINI with a special attention in every detail. The parts such as original frame and swing arm have a design that sufficiently stands a high power. The appearance is really cool!

G-craft brand page




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