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“Mini Truck” Spec Motorcycle: CT125 Hunter Cub Custom

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Webike's Opinion

Here is a "HONDA CT125 Hunter Cub" custom by Webike community user "URUTORAMS". The CT125 Hunter Cub is a unique machine with a larger body that doesn't compromise on simplicity and maneuverability. It features the Yoshimura GP-MAGNUM Cyclone full exhaust system, equipped with a heat guard and designed to enhance the overall aesthetics. It utilizes POSH's Ultra Heavy Bar Ends to suppress vibrations. The bike is equipped with a high-transparency and durable windshield from DAYTONA. The drive chain has been upgraded to RK's GC Racing Gold Chain, and both the front and rear sprockets have been replaced to match the sizes. To overcome any power deficiencies, the SP Takegawa Big Throttle Body Kit is installed. Additionally, it features the Asahi Windshield Carrier Box, along with a matching cover from Asahi Windshield. The owner also added Henry Biggins side bags since loading capacity is important to him. According to the owner, this bike is an ideal "second bike for city riding" or for leisurely cruising.



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Part Details
Exhaust YOSHIMURA Machine Bent GP-MAGNUM Cyclone TYPE-UP EXPORT SPEC Full Exhaust
Handles POSH Ultra Heavy End Inner
POSH Ultra Heavy Bar End
Bodywork DAYTONA Windshield RS
HONDA Front Basket
Electrical PROTEC LED Multi Reflector Headlight Kit
KIJIMA Fog Light Kit
OPMID Tachometer
OPMID Dr. Speed Vehicle Speed Signal Correction Kit
OPMID Thermometer
Drive Parts RK GC Racing Gold Chain Series Chain GC428MRU2
SP Takegawa Front Sprocket 15T
SUNSTAR Rear Sprocket 39T
Engine SP TAKEGAWA FI-Con TYPE-e (Injection Controller)
SP TAKEGAWA Super Oil Pump Kit
SP TAKEGAWA Hyper Ignition Coil
SP TAKEGAWA Sports Camshaft (N-15)
SP TAKEGAWA Big Throttle Body Kit Φ28
NGK MotoDX Plug
NGK Power Cable
KITACO Reinforced Cell-Starter
Hurricane Racing Stenless Steel Mesh Air Filter
Accessories Asahi windshield Carrying Box for Collection
Asahi windshield Carrying box cover for pickup and delivery
KIJIMA Front Rack
ENDURANCE Multi Center Carrier + Bag Set
DAYTONA HenlyBegins Side Bag 22L
KIJIMA Blinker Bracket Relocation
DAYTONA Saddlebag Support for Left Side



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