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Honda CRF250M Custom

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Japanese Custom Culture

Here is an original series "JCC" stands for "Japan Custom culture" written by Webike Japan. There is no doubt that Japan has one of the best and unique custom parts and its culture in the motorcycle industry, but the language barrier has led to the closure of JDM motorcycle culture to the outside of Japan. Through this JCC contents, we present you one of a kind custom and mods bikes by professional craftmen and enthusiasts who just can't stop loving motorcycle.


Here is a "HONDA CRF250M" custom by Webike community user "rookie".



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Part Details
Exhaust YOSHIMURA Slip-On RS-4J Cyclone Carbon End Export Spec
SP TADAO Power Box Exhaust Pipe
DRC Heat Protector Stainless Steel
Brake Parts BREMBO Brake Caliper P4 30 / 34 40mm
NISSIN Radial Brake Master Cylinder Kit
Northline Caliper Support for CRF250L Motard Kit
320mm Front Brake Disc Rotor
Z-WHEEL Brake Hose
DAYTONA Red Pad Brake Pads
BREMBO Brake Pad
Clutch EBC DRC Clutch Kit With Spring [268434]
Adelin Hydraulic Clutch Cylinder Φ14
Steering wheel KIJIMA Grip Shrink Tube
ZETA XC Protector
ZETA Stem Nut
Short Brake Lever
Standard Clutch Lever
ZETA Bar End Plug
Steps ZETA Forged Shift Lever
Aluminum Foot Pegs
Aluminum Brake Pedal
Radiator Radiator Hose Kit
Suspension YSS MONO LINE Rear Single Shock MZ456
DRC Front Fork Spring
ZETA Lowering Link Kit
Wheels OUTEX Clear Tubeless Kit
DACHI Blank Spoke
Rr Wheel 17-MT4.25
Fr Wheel 17-MT3.5
Bodywork IMS Big Tank for CRF250L/M
EnjoyMFG Seat Cover
WORLD WALK Carbon Under Cowl
Rr Fender Eliminator Kit
DRC Aluminum License Plate Holder
ZETA Billet Kit
Headlight Cowl for KTM SMC
Lamps LED Blinkers
LED Fog Lamp
LED Moto Red Edge Taillight
KTM SMC Enduro LED Headlight
Ignition parts NGK Iridium Plug SIMR8A9 90634
Sprockets & Chains SUNSTAR Front Sprocket
SUNSTAR Rear Sprocket Duralumin
DID VX Series Chain 520VX3 Gold
DRC Dura Rear Sprocket
Carburetor / Intake system AI Cancellation Kit
K&N Replacement Air Filter
Φ39.5 BIG throttle(MC41 stock modification)
Engine SP TAKEGAWA Sports Camshaft
Gauges ACEWELL Magnetic Sensor
ACEWELL Multifunction Digital Meter
Electrical Parts HONDA Sports Grip Heater
Accessory Parts ROUGH & ROAD RALLY591 Super Light Carrier



A foreigner who rides in Japan, Japanese call this "Gaijin Rider". Third year in the Webike global team. He feels and shares the real bike life in Japan then presents you how interesting Japanese customs are.