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Ready for the Wild: HONDA CRF250L Custom

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Webike's Opinion

Here is a "HONDA CRF250L" custom by Webike community user "Jun". The owner purchased this bike only about 10 days ago. He plans to transform it into a bike to enjoy touring on forest roads. The handlebars were replaced with a ZETA EXPLORER Handlebar S-1 Sport. These handlebars are equipped with brass inner weights and the best features for touring. With the SP bar ends and spacers, the rider can choose their preferred riding position. The inner weights also reduce mirror vibration, improving visibility. The DRC 161 Off-Road Mirrors were developed specifically for off-road bikes and can be folded in. They offer an excellent balance of price, design, and quality. Compared to regular mirrors, these have a larger size and a wider angle adjustment range for better visibility, making them essential for forest touring. The grips have also been upgraded to ZETA grips. These are also designed for off-road bikes and are non-slip and easy to grip. Additionally, ACERBIS X-GRIP Frame Protectors are installed. These protectors are easy to install and their design adds an accent to the overall look. When riding an off-road bike with boots, the frame paint can easily peel off since the frame is sandwiched between the feet when standing, so frame guards are also useful to prevent rust that can occur when the paint is chipped. ACERBIS frame protectors are made of a material that is easy to grip with boots, making it easier to grip the frame. A ZETA Side Stand Extender is also installed. This part increases the contact area of the stock side stand so that it can be used stably even on unstable surfaces such as sand or gravel. The ACERBIS Skid Plate was chosen for its strength and design. It thoroughly guards the lower part of the engine, which is vulnerable to damage, and reduces dents on the frame and damage to the crankcase. The lightweight resin material is ideal for off-road machines where light weight means everything. The stylish rear rack is by ENDURANCE. It is easy to install, and the thicker pipes enhance the off-road style. It is not only convenient for carrying luggage, but also useful as a handle to lift up the bike in the event of a fall.



crf_01.jpg crf_02.jpg crf_04.jpg
crf_03.jpg crf_05.jpg


Part Details
Handles ZETA EXPLORER Handlebar S-1 Sport
ZETA Dirt Grip Open End
DRC 161 Off-Road Mirror
Frame ACERBIS X-GRIP Frame Protector
ZETA Side Stand Extender
ACERBIS Skid Plate
Bodyworks ENDURANCE Rear Rack
Rearsets ZETA Adventure Footpeg



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