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Honda CB1100 Custom by Team CB’s

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Japanese Custom Culture

Here is an original series "JCC" stands for "Japan Custom culture" written by Webike Japan. There is no doubt that Japan has one of the best and unique custom parts and its culture in the motorcycle industry, but the language barrier has led to the closure of JDM motorcycle culture to the outside of Japan. Through this JCC contents, we present you one of a kind custom and mods bikes by professional craftmen and enthusiasts who just can't stop loving motorcycle.

Team CB's CB1100


As a premise, Honda CB1100R was built based on the CB900F, as a homologation model to compete in a production race. At first glance, you may think this bike is fully customized version of such CB1100R. It is actually the current air-cooled 4-valve model Honda CB1100.


It is equipped with a Doremi Collection's Type-R Exterior Kit. The frame has been modified and plated with under tubes to enlarge bank angle, and powder coated in candy red. The engine is remained to be stock with an exposed air-funnel. In addition, the exterior was fully painted with the base color changed from white to red, based on the pattern of a CB1100R custom owned by Ichimoto Honda. It looks like a CB1100R Custom from a distance and up close. The meter is also a one-off build, so you would think it was an 1100R even more so. The bike runs well as it is now, and the company plans to enhance the settings with a performance chip in the future.



The CB1100R shaped exterior is a CB1100 Type-R Kit produced by Doremi Collection, fully painted. The carbon body mirrors are by Magical Racing.


The aluminum tank is also Doremi CB1100 type-R kit, but has been converted to an airplane cap by Ichimoto Honda. This paint enhances the CB1100R look.


The seat is made by Neo Factory and the single seat cover is also Type-R Kit and painted.



Meter panel is one-off and contains Daytona NANO II (speedometer), Withme Digital Multi Gauge, Protech Gear Indicator, etc. placed around STACK. The handlebar is Active's product, and brake and clutch masters are both equipped with Brembo radials.



The engine is remained to be stock, but the generator and pulsar covers are painted in gold, along with CB1100R. The frame is also CB1100R's stock red color, which additionally plated candy red. The round under-tube was modified into a triangle shape to enlarge the bank angle.

Intake & Exhaust


Injection's funnel has been exposed and full titanium EX is installed. Red is a frequent color used for racing carburetor funnels, and this feature makes the bike look as if it is a FI version of the CB1100R.



Around the front, AC Sanctuary's Ohlins NEW inverted ExM package was machined and installed. Gale Speed Type-S wheels front 3.50-17 and rear 5.50-17 are painted in candy red. Brakes are Brembo Radial Billet 4-piston calipers and Sunstar discs.


The aluminum square swingarm has a CB1300SF's stock lower stabilizer, and the black and gold rear shocks are Nitron's products.


The rear brake consists of Brembo CNC 2-piston caliper and Sunstar's disc. Steps are Striker's products. In addition, many titanium bolts are used in various parts to further push the overall sense of high quality.


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Part Details
Brake Brembo RCS Radial Brake Master
Brembo CNC Caliper Kit P4 30/34
BREMBO Rear CNC Caliper P2 34
SUNSTAR Premium Racing Brake Disc rotors
Wheels GALE SPEED Type-S Wheel 3.50-17/5.50-17
Suspension NOBLEST OHLINS E x M Package
NITRON Rear Suspension Twin Shock TWIN R3 Series
Steps STRIKER Special Step Kit 4 Position
Handle / Steering MAGICAL RACING Racer Replica Mirror Type 1 Head
Brembo RCS Radial Clutch Master
ACTIVE Handlebar
Seat Neofactory Seat One-off Made
Bodyworks DOREMI COLLECTION TypeR Unpainted Exterior Set
Electrical Team CB's Meter Panel One-off Made
PROTEC SPI-H10 Shift Position Indicator Kit [for CB1100]
DAYTONA NANOll Speed Meter
WITH ME Digital Multi Gauge

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A foreigner who rides in Japan, Japanese call this "Gaijin Rider". Third year in the Webike global team. He feels and shares the real bike life in Japan then presents you how interesting Japanese customs are.