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Mature ’80s Vibe: Suzuki GS1200SS Custom

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Iida Racing Factory's GS1200SS


The Suzuki oil-cooled GS1200SS appeared in 2001 as a tribute to the endurance racer Yoshimura Suzuki GS1000R. Its production hasn't continued long, which ended in 2004. This fact tells that the popularity of GS1200SS was not very high after its release. Nevertheless, the unwieldy style using half-cowl with dual headlights, the wild oil-cooled engine and iron frame has begun to gain popularity today. This custom bike is based on such GS1200SS, and it has been modified in various ways to suit an owner who likes the atmosphere of 80s motorcycles.


Changes include an aftermarket cowl with a single-eye headlight reminiscent of the GS1000R, and various parts that recreate the shape of the 80s, such as AP Racing brake calipers that were also mounted on the GS1000R and SUNSTAR Neocrassic Disc. The exhaust system is a 4-1 layout and the swingarm comes with a stabilizer, while various other parts are used to create the atmosphere. This custom bike incorporates a style from 20 years prior to the GS1200SS produced in the 2000s, but it still meets modern standards in terms of function. Of course, any parts that have deteriorated over time have been properly maintained, and in some cases rebuilt, to ensure that both added and modified parts as well as stock parts are fully functional. The black two-tone color pattern is also based on the original model.



DAYTONA clip-ons are mounted low to match the upper cowl kit by Katana-Kaji, but this is not a problem for the tall owner. The headlight is fitted with Sphere Light LEDs. The exterior color scheme features the GS1000R pattern in matte and gloss black two-tone.


The front master is a Brembo RCS Corsa Corta, the clutch master is also a Brembo RCS, and the bolts around the clip-ons are one-off.



The engine is a stock 1156cc GS1200SS, combined with a PLOT's round 13-stage oil cooler. The battery case, oil catch tank bracket, and fuse box are all one-off fabrications and mounted centrally under the seat, and the store specializes in this type of construction.

Intake & Exhaust


To match the overall black tone, a black body FCR Φ39mm carburetor is also installed. The funnel is also in black along with the other parts.



Inner tubes are Φ43mm coated with titanium and silver diamond coating on the outer tube. The front brake consists of AP Racing 4-piston caliper and SUNSTAR Neo-Classic disc.


The step area was replaced with a simple design machined aluminum kit by AGRAS.


A stabilizer is newly added to the lower part of stock swingarm. The front and rear wheels are by DYMAG, and sizes are the same 3.50-17 and 5.50-17 as the GS1200SS with the 3-spoke design of GS1000R. The hollow spokes give the bike an advanced look from the '80s. The rear brakes are stock. The exhaust system has a 4-1 layout, and the aluminum cylindrical silencer also gives the bike a period look.


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Part Details
Engine PLOT Roud Oil Cooler Core 13 steps
Carb / Intake KEIHIN FCR Curburetor Φ39mm
Exhaust IIDA RACING FACTORY Original One-off 4-1
Brake Brembo Corsa Corta Brake Master
AP Racing 2-piece Structure 4 Piston Brake Caliper (Right Side)
AP Racing 2-piece Structure 4 Piston Brake Caliper (Left Side)
SUNSTAR Neo Classic Brake Disc
Wheels DYMAG Forged Magnesium Wheel 3.50-17/5.00-17
Suspension Quantum MC-TWIN Rear Shocks
Steps AGRAS Rearsets
Handle / Steering Daytona Clip-on Handlebar Set
Brembo RCS Corsa Corta Clutch Master
Bodyworks KATANAKAJI GS1000R Type Body Kit
Electrical SPHERE LIGHT LED HeadLight

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