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The Perfect Blend of Performance and Luxury in a Compact Design: CB250R Custom

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Webike's Opinion

Here is a "HONDA CB250R" custom by Webike community user "Sergeant Henry". This is a lightweight and compact naked road sports model, equipped with a high-performance liquid-cooled 4-stroke DOHC 4-valve single-cylinder 249cc engine. The silencer is by SP Tadao, significantly improving the rev range and reducing weight compared to the stock. The rearsets are by MORIWAKI ENGINEERING, adjustable in 4 positions and featuring a stylish silver color for a luxurious look. The levers are by BIKERS, designed for easy gripping and improved operability. The seat is by ENDURANCE, with the sides modified to provide comfortable leg placement. It is designed to be 12mm lower than the stock seat and easy to replace. The rear fender extender is by P&A International, adding length to the stock rear fender. It effectively protects against water splashes, mud, and dirt without compromising the appearance.



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Part Details
Exhaust SP Tadao POWER BOX Slip-on Exhaust
SP Tadao Optional SUS Color for POWER BOX Megaphones
Brake DAYTONA Golden Pad x Brake Pad
Handles BIKERS 6-Position Adjustable Clutch Lever
BIKERS 6-Position Adjustable Brake Lever
PRO GRIP Superbike Grip #838 X-SLIM
DAYTONA FLAT Throttle Sleeve
domino Street Type Grip
POSH Solid Type Bar End
Bodywork KITACO Timing Hole Cap Set
KITACO Frame Cap
HURRICANE Fender Eliminator Kit
P&A International Rear Extend Fender
DAYTONA Aero Visor Attachment Bracket
DAYTONA Aerovisor
The Sports Custom Headlight Fairing
RS Taichi RSB312 Sports Seat Bag. 10
MDF Line Graphic Stripe Type
Moto Magazine Custom Hole of Tiger Original Sticker Ver.4.0 Type R
Electrical P&A International Meter Panelprotection Film & Work Tool Set
Engine NGK MotoDX Plug CPR8EDX-9S 95321
DAYTONA Premium Zone Filler Cap [M20 x P2.5]
DAYTONA Oil Drain Bolt Honda Kawasaki Series
KITACO Timing Hole Cap Set
Radiator KITACO Radiator Guard
Rearsets MORIWAKI Rearsets Kit
Accessories HONDA Alarm



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