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r's gear

Ranked 94 of 1,775 brands  in Exhausts
(163 Customer Reviews)
Very good
Official Site

The ex-GP500 rider Hiwatashi Osamu is in charge of the planning and development of the r's gear products. The finishing without the compromise, beauty and superior performance are greatly supported by many riders

r's gear WYVERN Classic Exhaust System Heat Guard ...

I bought it here Sale. The lower Screw may be a bit tight to install alone.Sound is low feeling and it gets Large, so what comes to be called doodoko feeling comes out.Performance will be slightly wea...

r's gear Wyvern Single Type Exhaust System

As for the 400ccClass Exhaust System, sound quality is good, NORMAL seems to be insufficient to compensate for the drop of Torque in a certain rotation range, Power that does not require high rotation...

r's gear WYVERN Single Type Exhaust

Formerly Moriwaki's Moriwaki TwoTail, but the volume rose without any extraordinary (Level which is stared at White By Rider at 30,000 kilometers) Then, breakage due to falling is combined and rep...

r's gear Stand Height Bracket

Product is also high texture and easy to install. The inclination when using Side Stand was also reduced, making it easier to cause bridging. It is slightly expensive, but it is a good item.

r's gear WYVERN Single Type Exhaust

Exhaust System has a first impression of appearance is Large thing.Two types of Wyvern and SONIC were prepared,Again I made it to All TitaniumThe instruction manual of Maintenance is enclosedI think t...

r's gear WYVERN Single Type Exhaust

ZEPHYR who has been making a buddy with NORMAL for many years (^^)Over 20 years passed, the dream exhaust system Exhaust System finally realized ★Net's reviews etc.. Examination, performance, main...

r's gear Wyvern Real Specification

Because the sound quality of Normal muffler is relatively good, I was at a loss as to whether to replace it,Because I could not help it because I was worried about the frozenness of 4000 to 6000 rpm,I...

r's gear Wyvern Aero Comfort Screen

I used MRA screens so far, it was about 5 centimeters longer than the OEM, but this time the screen is still about 8 centimeters longer than that, so the wind pressure acceptance has changed considera...

r's gear Wyvern Aero Comfort Screen

I was attaching a screen from another manufacturer, it was a bit longer than normal, but I exchanged this item and realized that I was quite different running on a highway.Just slightly lowering the p...

r's gear Wyvern Real Spec. Single Type Exhaust Sys...

2017 Although a new model came out, I decided to make one Large and purchased Wyvern because I did not lose the 2014 Initial Model. I thought that Blue was a bit flashy on the body of Matte Black, I c...

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