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Ranked 136 of 1,785 brands  in Footwear
(101 Customer Reviews)
Very good
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Alpinestars is a Motorcycle Gear manufacturer in Italy. They support world-class racers positively. Admitted as an innovative brand which shows functionality and durability, comfort to wear and protective function

alpinestars SMX-6 BOOT

I would like to leave a review about motorcycle bots Alpinestars SMX-6, after a short period of using this product. Motorcycle bikes Alpinestars SMX-6 have proved very good. They are waterproo...

alpinestars GUNNER WATERPROOF Jacket 6815

170CM 63 kilometers, since Alpine is overseas it bought 1 Size dropped S Size but I was using it because I was tight, I will use the Protector of my chest and use it, If you are suffering with Size Le...

alpinestars TRACK Leather Pants 9015

Height was 183 cm, weight was 55? Because of the non-ordinary shape, I was in trouble choosing SizeI purchased 52 Size according to the height, but Waist is cowardly and I can see her back and assStil...


[Alpinestars Impre Post Campaign]【Size purchased】 S【height】 155cm【body weight】 60kg【Body form】 Muscular quality - Short leg【Fit feeling of goods】 Favorable【Review】 Size is perfect except for a little ...

alpinestars Magnesium Toe Slider

We changed from Plider's Slider to this product, but durability was disappointing for price. My son is on Minimoto race, so I tried using it for that, but 2 Race (3 runs of practice running, quali...

alpinestars VAPOR PRO Elbow Protector

Previously I used something with Protector, but I was looking for a dedicated elbow. When collecting information around us it was hardmaterial at the part where the elbow was hit and protection from r...

alpinestars S-MX 1 Boots

For Touring (When not a Leather suit) If there was Boots, walking etc etc. Purchased for convenience.Feelings I feel more Hold than Racing boots. (Because this time?- Sensation that feet and foot circ...

alpinestars VAPOR PRO Knee Protector

S / M Size is bigger than I thought. It was somewhat unexpected because I was planning to use it for Inner.It seems a bit tough for narrow Pants. Since it can be adjusted with Belt, there is no proble...

alpinestars VAPOR PRO Knee Protector

-( 具有优异的减震性能的垫板被放置在创新的保护结构上,使CE标准更加清晰 。
- 使用ThermoFormPolymer具有优异的减震性 。...

alpinestars SP-8 LEATHER GLOVE

【Size purchased】 S[Height, weight, shape] KOMINE's Gloves that I used before is M Size【Fit feeling of goods】 I purchased S size but heard that one size size is better than the size I usually use, ...

alpinestars HITCH Key Chain

Black The painted Hook 's Gold portion is not Aluminum, Steel. Therefore, heavy. Not suitable for use in Pocket. If you replace that part with another light one it is somehow practical.

alpinestars A STAR Sticker

Initially, as one point of RightMud GuardSIDE Quantity : 1pc. Purchased and pasted. After that, because I liked it to some extent, I wanted to stick it to Left Side of the same department and purchase...

alpinestars A STAR Sticker

I bought S Size as One Point of Mud GuardSIDE. I think that the price seems to be a bit high, but since there are many other designs and color variations, I think that I will match the color of every ...

alpinestars A STAR Sticker

I tried sticking this sticker to Ninja and I do not feel any discomfort.I think that the quality is better than the Sticker that comes with Alpinestars products.I think that it was a good shopping bec...

alpinestars A STAR Sticker

The OEM Product's Sticker that I had when I bought Alpine Star's Boots faded, so I exchanged it.The OEM Product was somewhat thin, but the color of the bottom was transparent, but this Sticker...

alpinestars A STAR Sticker

I bought two M size of Orange for ARAI's WhitePlainHelmet.With a very tight Material, there was no problem even if you repeated over several times.Helmet who was Simple was fashionable ☆★ Minus 1 ...

alpinestars A STAR Sticker

The color of HelmetSIDE is lonesome (White) So I purchased and pasted Orange. Seal surface is not moderate, moderate Luster condition.In the same Large Kisano White which was attached to Shoes of Alpi...

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