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Ranked 91 of 1,775 brands  in Exhausts
(236 Customer Reviews)
Very good
Official Site

WirusWin is a exhaust manufacturer strong in scooters and Mini Bike series. They lineup exhausts of various colors, designs and also releases many exterior kits

WirusWin Hyper Valve

At the beginning like this, I was worried that there was an effect, but the emblem is surely alleviated.When traveling at low speed, it is easy to pass through. Before installation start Floppy feelin...

WirusWin Handlebar Post

It is a replacement Imp from a different Manufacturer.It was a little troublesome to have play adjustment without going out SteeringCenter in Poning.There is no problem in use at all.

WirusWin Racing Exhaust System for GROM (MSX125)

It turns neatly upward, but there is not a low-speed Torque because it is coming out too much. Characteristics do not match in Mini bike Circuit. It would be nice if you keep it fully open like Minimo...

WirusWin Hyper Valve

기본장착 사양이 쓰로틀을 풀면 털털털 푸릉푸릉하는 느낌이라면, 본 제품을 장착하면 슈우우우 하는 느낌입니다.
이게 뭔가 싶지만, 장착하면 바로 체감 할 수 있을 정도입니다.
튜닝 1순위라 할 수 있을 정도로 확 와 닿습니다....

WirusWin Silencer Type Air Cleaner Kit Euro Type

poor quality product
purchase and use it around 6 months time.
the air filter is too heavy and the metal is not strong enough to support. think twice if you wanna purchase this item, make sure the...

WirusWin Hyper Valve

It is necessary to remove Helmet in for wearing.The picture in the Instruction Manual was dark and hard to understand, but it is not a part to install as you look at the Instruction Manual so there is...

WirusWin Fender Eliminator Kit

a simple model with stainless steel material.need expertise to cut and to snap fit on it.as you can see from the picture.

WirusWin Atomic Twin Exhaust System

Exhaust System I am looking for various things and I am looking for various things and the current Grom is still few kinds YOSHIMURA, OVER etc etc. Exhaust System High Exhaust System As it seems that ...

WirusWin Atomic Twin Full Exhaust System

The Wirus Win Atomic exhaust is one of the sexiest MSX/GROM exhausts on the market. It has a high quality finish - just look at those welds !! Super easy to install - (even with the japanese instructi...

WirusWin Hyper Valve

I saw the impression that the emblem when AxelOff was reduced, and the price was affordable so I tried it.It was more effective than I thought it was good to wear.

WirusWin Key Cap To Prevent From Theft for M10

it good anti-theft I think that there is a theft preventive effect since a socket stops entering.easy to use lock my muffler

WirusWin Key Cap To Prevent From Theft for M8

it good anti-theft I think that there is a theft preventive effect since a socket stops entering.easy to use lock your muffler.

WirusWin Universal Large Rear Box

Although BITE50 was equipped, it is very much good touch.Although Manufacturers, such as GIVI, are made firmly to be sure, they think that it is high too.It is sufficient structure in order to continu...

WirusWin Universal Large Rear Box

Although others are also written, there is no instruction manual.
It is simply attached on a Carrier also by .
Since it cannot open if there is no key, cautions are required so that a key closing lu...

WirusWin Universal Large Rear Box

[Webike Monitor] Chinese-made SEA-BASS GN125H was equipped.
Since there is no description, how which a certain amount of knowledge twists may take pains over wearing.
If a Stay etc. are not separate...

WirusWin Universal Large Rear Box

It is a correct answer although it wavered [ Is a half size used? ].
Although it is quite loud touch with the photograph, if people get, a feeling of a physical disorder is not.
Making thinks that i...

WirusWin Universal Large Rear Box

[ -- the Webike Monitor ] -- I think that it becomes impossible for the talk heard well to return once it uses, although those who do not receive a Case of this sort are probably hopeless absolutely....

WirusWin Universal Large Rear Box

It is satisfied with the made merit more than a price.
It may be better to leave it to a specialist or a familiar person, when it is not used, in order that there may not be , however an attachment ...

WirusWin Key Cap To Prevent From Theft for M8

A price mist cone is carried out and it can attach easily. I can perform theft prevention easily and also think that it is dressed up since the results are beautiful goods.

WirusWin Key Cap To Prevent From Theft for M8

although it purchased one more and I was allowed to purchase here this time -- the one where the vine of a key is possible thicker -- although it considered and the thickness of the vine purchased two...

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