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Ranked 96 of 1,743 brands  in Exhausts
(179 Customer Reviews)
Very good
Official Site

WR's is a part manufacturer which provides exhaust and carbon made exterior parts. They mainly release exhaust system for middle class motorcycles.

WR's Rear Slip-on Silencer

This Exhaust System's Stainless Steel / I installed Stainless Steel The installation finished quickly without any problems The sound was calm and it was not much different from the OEM Large The t...

WR's Full Exhaust System

At last the WR'S Full Exhaust System came out so we ordered it immediately.As for the performance I was watching the blog of WR'S, so I bought it with confidence.I tried installing it and I am...

WR's Full Exhaust System

Design is also good, Balance at the time of installation is also the best. Installation was also completed in a short time as Exhaust SystemBelt was preliminarily tacked in place in advance. Large sat...

WR's Short Oval Silencer

Since this item was officially raising a video on Youtube, I purchased it because I liked the sound when I watched it there.There was not much difference between the actual sound quality and the movin...

WR's Tank Pad

We will report it although it disappeared from the item column of Wa Big's item.It is late now, many? Because GSRUser can be attached, it is imitation.A little It is expensive, but I will forgive ...

WR's Rear Fender

☆ Vehicle Specifications changed due to this product.☆ First of all Lowdown Link is very bad compatibility.HardRear spring made by BEET (Pre-roadMAX) As a result, however, it gently cracked in contact...

WR's Battle Footpeg

When it is Normal step, when you make Full bank, (Because it is Lowdown) I was doing it.After suffering, I made it to cheap WR's.It is also good that there are two positions of Pedal end.Shift cha...

WR's Tank Pad

Actually I was struggling to buy first.I knew the merit of Twill Weave Carbon, but because it was not very well reflected in Manufacturer photos.But I have confidence that it must be good in fact, I b...

WR's Footpeg Bar End

When I came back from Touring and maintained it, I noticed that there was no resin at the end of the Footpeg Bar, and when I tried searching Wes Big quickly, I discovered that the name was this, but t...

WR's Rear Fender

When I went to the sales office to receive it, it was light enough to make me uneasy as not having too much light in the product.Although it says that there are somewhat troubles by reviewing variousl...

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