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Ranked 566 of 1,803 brands  in Dirt Bike Motocross Gear
(9 Customer Reviews)
Very good
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TROY LEE is one of the long-established stores of off-road apparels. Their uniquely designed apparels stands out conspicuously. Its wide range of protector lineup will no doubt support the rider in case of emergency.

TROY LEE TDU502 Vented Short High Protection LPS76...

Since the skin around the hip bone was stuck off by a got accident, I bought the settled Gold for purchase gold. I think that Protection property when falling is high. Besides injury prevention, it is...

TROY LEE TDD006 Kidney Belt KB3305

Purpose of purchase is reduction of fatigue. It is said that the degree of fatigue increases as the internal organs are shaken in Dirt driving, and it is said that fatigue is reduced by tightening the...

TROY LEE TDV015 BG5955 Chest Protector

It looks nice and the performance as Protector is as reputed as it is. The feeling of Fit to the body was not bad. However, the adjustment Screw is abnormal hardness. It comes with Gold Plate used as ...

TROY LEE TDD006 KB3305 Kidney Belt

I've been suffering from back pain, and always been using a belt to protect my waist whenever I ride my bike.I' ve been using DAYTONA's belt for back pain called "BACK IMPACT". But since its condition...

TROY LEE TDV015 BG5955 Chest Protector

It purchased to the off-road run.
The Chest protector was purchased for the first time.
Since the public road was also run and he wanted to equip into a Jersey, the thing of the form with which it...

TROY LEE TDV015 BG5955 Chest Protector

As a Chest protector, it is the 3rd purchase.
Until now, the thing of the cheapest Grade of EVS was used.
>] and it is very comfortable to wear, and it fits the body. [ good ]...

TROY LEE TDV016 BG5900 Chest Protector Light

[Webike Monitor] Although the Outer type Chest protector was used until now [ ], he was surprised at a feeling of a Fit of the Protector of this Inner type,
it says that it becomes easier to move tha...

TROY LEE TDV015 BG5955 Chest Protector

To the off-road Course run, it purchased on falling.
A feeling of a Fit to good point and body is high, and does not shift easily in a run.
It can be used by both and an Outer, and an Inner....

TROY LEE TDW259 TLD Race Team Sticker Set

I also put it on Helmet.It is my favorite because it is Simple Design - - -Seat's Cut is not good. I am worried that it will come off when wiping because the end face is textured because it is BAL...

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