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Ranked 33 of 1,734 brands  in Drive Parts
(435 Customer Reviews)
Very good
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SUNSTAR is known to create premium brake disks and drive sprockets.There are no need of explaining the quality of their products. All four major motorcycle manufacturers in Japan adopt them as OEM parts, that proves it all

SUNSTAR Front Sprocket

It is a product of Drive side. The tooth tip shape is slightly different from OEM, but there is no problem with installation. Compatibility with Chain is also good after installation and it is smooth ...

SUNSTAR Front Sprocket

I also used it with SUNSTAR's 520 for ConversionRear sprocket.I do not know the durability to what extent, but I am expecting Large because it is a reliable Manufacturer!Since Offset amount can al...

SUNSTAR Rear Sprocket Duralumin

I used it in Chain 520 Conversion of OEMWheel.Weight is Aluminum 7075 so it is light. Compared to the same Material, it is heavier because it is thicker for 530. The appearance is simple with a calm c...

SUNSTAR Custom Type Front Disc Rotor

I bought it with Brembo caliper.I am satisfied with the compatibility well! I was worried with other Manufacturer but after all SUNSTAR is good COSPA ^ _ ^

SUNSTAR Front Sprocket

Changed for Chain's SizeDown.OEM's unreliable texture is different from Large ... I think that it is a part of self-satisfaction because it is a part to hide!

SUNSTAR Premium Racing Front Disc Rotor

Although Metallica 's Disk pat often stops on the STD Disc,When I exchange it for SUNSTAR's Disc Lock, Big Li!It stops even better. If you hold Lever, you grip, with Goo ー.I can afford Corner&...

SUNSTAR Premium Racing Rear Disc Rotor

Almost half of OEM's processing accuracy. After that, it is only confirmation of the braking force by actual driving. MADE IN SUNSTAR So I am not worried about Material at all but I can not say no...

SUNSTAR Custom Type Front Disc Rotor

I just wanted a Floating Disc, but I did not feel like replacing it because it looks like it has a new item NORMAL along with cheap items around it. Although I bought it from a photographic evaluation...

SUNSTAR Front Sprocket

MONKEY 106cc I exchanged with Chain at the time of Bore up.After that, I ran over 2,500 km, but of course there was no 'waka' character.Originally from the OEM 13T as a countermeasure against ...

SUNSTAR Front/Rear Sprocket & Chain/Rivet Joint Se...

Rear's Sprocket chose Steel's Set. It was originally a heavy car body and I did not want to cast Cost to weight saving, so it was nice to have this Line Up.Chain, the oil that is applied to Ch...

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