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Ranked 33 of 1,651 brands  in Drive Parts
(427 Customer Reviews)
Very good
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SUNSTAR is known to create premium brake disks and drive sprockets.There are no need of explaining the quality of their products. All four major motorcycle manufacturers in Japan adopt them as OEM parts, that proves it all

SUNSTAR Front Sprocket

MONKEY 106cc I exchanged with Chain at the time of Bore up.After that, I ran over 2,500 km, but of course there was no 'waka' character.Originally from the OEM 13T as a countermeasure against ...

SUNSTAR Front/Rear Sprocket & Chain/Rivet Joint Se...

Rear's Sprocket chose Steel's Set. It was originally a heavy car body and I did not want to cast Cost to weight saving, so it was nice to have this Line Up.Chain, the oil that is applied to Ch...

SUNSTAR Rear Sprocket Duralumin

Since I only had SUNSTAR to choose 37 teeth, I purchased this only because there is no optionWhen using Trail bike on town ride it is low geared too hard to ride so I changed it to change the reductio...

SUNSTAR Rear Sprocket Duralumin

The color of Parts before installation is slightly more relaxing compared to the product of overseas famous Manufacturer which was originally attached.It is Titaniumu-like color rather than Gold Anodi...

SUNSTAR Front Sprocket

I purchased SUNSTAR's Front sprocket 17T to convert 530 Chain of zx 12r to 520.If you work according to the Service Manual, you can easily install it without problems. Rear sprocket is also exchan...

SUNSTAR Front Rear Sprocket & Chain Rivet Joint Se...

I was using 530 Chain but 525 Chain was also available for Large price price so Choice. I was stunned after assembly - - - Just by turning the rear wheel by hand, I keep turning around - - - Of course...

SUNSTAR Front Sprocket

Recommended if you do not put out 100 kmEven if you use it for 80 kilometers for people it is Front 13 Rear OEMAcceleration is totally differentYou should change Chain tooOEM extends quicklyOf course,...

SUNSTAR Rear Sprocket Duralumin

I bought it for changing the secondary reduction ratio of VT 400 SChanged from 16-42 to 17-40Front diversion of VT 750 SRear diverted this item.As it is still Duralumin, it's light.Because it is C...

SUNSTAR Rear Sprocket Duralumin

Since we changed Wheel to Marchesini, we exchanged Sprocket of SUNSTAR at the same time.I have always liked this shape and Sprocket is sure to be SUNSTAR.Weight reduction and Dress-up, as well as true...

SUNSTAR Front Sprocket

We made Rear sprocket the same Manufacturer's Stenz so we arranged it on the same Front side with the same Manufacturer.It is not bad because it sells so much..

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