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Ranked 35 of 1,795 brands  in Engine Parts
(476 Customer Reviews)
Very good
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SHIFT UP is a factory that provides parts for 4mini and mainly machined parts in excellent facilities. The finished quality is clearly different from any other product.

SHIFT UP Center Stand

I attached it to NORMAL's 12 V MONKEY.Maintenance became easier, such as Chain adjustment.However, adjustment of flip angle is troublesome.In my case, the Stand Assist bar was in contact with the ...

SHIFT UP Pilot Jet Set

I think that accuracy does not matter.Since I changed the carburetor outside, purchased with Set of Main jet.I'm satisfied because I'm better than buying with Single Item.Products of this hand...

SHIFT UP Exclusive High Range Camshaft for HR Head

Flywheel Lightweight, Primary side 3 - ClutchYoshimura MJN 24 carburetorI installed High Camshaft of Option to 88 Kit made by certain K company, but recently replaced with SHIFT UP made 52 mm CrankIn ...

SHIFT UP Crankshaft Single (with Crank Center & Cl...

This product is combined with KITACO's NEWSTD 88 Kit to 110Spec. It was toAt the same time we installed High range cam made by SHIFT UPResponse is better than at 88 Short strokeThe feeling of Torq...

SHIFT UP Carburetor Setting Jet Set

Other Manufacturer's Main jet is # 5 interval.This product is a set of the same fine interval as OEM as the title.There is no other Set item of fine interval like this.Setting has been determined ...

SHIFT UP Breather Oil Filler Cap (with Oil Level G...

Checking Oil amount is a little unclear, but it is a good Ideas that can be used in conjunction with depressurizationThe price is moderate, and I'm with Anodized colorHose, including Band is also ...

SHIFT UP Steel Kick Arm

Somewhat outside compared to OEM, feel strangeness by hitting the foot. Sorry for the texture is good. Engine is easy to apply and easy to enter power.

SHIFT UP Breather Mini-Filter

I changed the AirCleanerBox of CROSSCUB to Other Company Product, so I tried using it. Size is perfect, it feels nice. I think that it seems that the connection port of Hose seems to be durable even i...

SHIFT UP Footpeg Up Plate TYPE3

It was attached to the NSR 50 and it was easy to install. The feeling of use was also Firmly, there was no feeling of Funafuna, the bank angle did not increase much, but Position became easy and it be...

SHIFT UP Carburetor Setting Jet Set

Considering Cost and count, I think that they have the right places.But ourDAX 70 Head No Brand 88 cc (High-compression) +VM22 (Chinese w) +PowerfulFinally I finished it with a lower count than this p...

SHIFT UP Pipe Engine Stand

When LITTLE CUB Bore up (88CC) I used it forEven without this, Engine can be assembledThere is no doubt that it is easy to work if there is oneI think that it is a little cheaper.

SHIFT UP Mini Rear Roller Stand

A while ago from JTrip's 8Inch 18in. Buy NarrowSTAND up to (With my past Impression)Size was too big for my MONKEY. Of course we can use it, but the height has risen so high that I was putting it ...

SHIFT UP Pipe Engine Stand

I used it in APE 100 Engine.Crankcase On the whole Rose, lay it down (Horizontal placement) I bought it as being available.On the whole it is a good product, but the hole in the Main stand's Bolt ...

SHIFT UP Mini Rear Roller Stand

although a Beer container, a square bar, etc. were tried variously until now -- with the exclusive most sufficient elegance -- or [ that it is also stable to put on this STAND when not riding, if it...

SHIFT UP Pipe Engine Stand

It is dramatically convenient, if you are when maintaining an engine. There is also reinforcement. I also regard decorating as an interiors the engine which is not used as his being Ali.

SHIFT UP Maintenance Stand

It purchased because collecting-pipe wearing can also respond. Although it is used for z1, the wheel is offset by the left, and since the place which can carry out a jack-up is pinpoint, z1 is touch t...

SHIFT UP Pipe Engine Stand

The size purchased for the engine bore up of the ape 100 is perfect for. By equipping with attached attachment like description of item, it could respond to maintenance of division of the crankcase (c...

SHIFT UP Pipe Engine Stand

When a waist top was before taken into pieces, it was nothing and took into pieces, but it purchased at the time of taking a skid base into pieces. A using feeling is quite good. Attachment is also pr...

SHIFT UP Cowl Fastener Driver

It is Driver itself for faucets for water that I sell at Home center.In ordinary Slotted screwdriver Screw will have a large scratch, so this Driver is necessary, but it is much more fashionable Logo ...

SHIFT UP Cowl Fastener Driver

I used it to exchange from the OEM to the ZETA Zeta Engine plug. I could use it normally. Although it is short, since the handle is thick and the tip is also rounded, it is also gentle to Material. I ...

SHIFT UP Removal Tools Set

Since the desorption tool had been lost, I purchased.I think that it will break rightly if it pries by force and tries to take since the Flywheel is a product made from an Aluminum. A Flywheel is fix...

SHIFT UP Battery Adjustment Sponge

In the form where it will be too deep and a part of wiring will become far if it is going to store the Battery currently used when a Rear fender is changed into external ... Since it is , in order to ...

SHIFT UP Battery Adjustment Sponge

Since LED was adopted and consumption of a Battery fell, one Size was dropped and excessive capacity was reduced.
Since the crevice arose in connection with this, it used for the amends.
Although t...

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