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Ranked 186 of 1,734 brands  in Brakes
(62 Customer Reviews)
Very good
Official Site

SBS brake pad offers various items for compatible vehicle model and adopts three layer structure to show stable performance even in severe situation. Surely, you can find the most appropriate pad to match your needs

SBS Street Excel Sinter 572HS Brake Pads

I bought these pads for my Honda Clubman GB400. There're works well in terms of solid brake feel, good performance, and lower dust compare with original pad. ผ้าเบรคชั้นดี ราคาไม่แพงเมื่อเทียบกับคุณภา...

SBS Racing Dual Sinter 841DS Brake Pads

Circuit Since I started driving, I love SBS's Brake Pads.Anyway, it's outstanding braking performance, so it's almost 300 km / Brake can also be applied with confidence even though Breakin...

SBS Racing Dual Carbon 634DC Brake Pads

Personally, I like it because it does not like the effectiveness of guts from the beginning.Because Carbon makes Dust so terrible and Wheel gets dirty, I think that it is such a wonder.Because it runs...

SBS Street Excel Cylinder 657LS Brake Pads

Exchange of CB 400 SB Rear, OEMPad.Temperature dependence is slightly stronger than OEMPad, and the braking power drops a little when it is cold, but there is no problem at the city ride level.Althoug...

SBS Off-Road Racing Sinter 726RSI Brake Pads

[SBS Imprint posted Campaign : 001]【Name of vehicle installed - Year] ADDRESS V 125 S Caliper has been exchanged[Brake Pads used before replacement] APRACING LMP326 ORR[Brake Pads that I have used bef...

SBS Street Excel Sinter 597HS Brake Pads

It is an exchange from RK's UA 70.The first thing I felt was Brake Pads, so it's not bad, but it looks dirty. I feel something so dirty.First of all I feel pretty tight with Touch.Early effect...

SBS 205MS Brake Pads

It is periodic exchange from OEMPad. Atari from the beginning, Fe Ring was good.Clear sky - I think that it is good without a strange habit with rainy weather. OEM is 1. Because it was 20,000 km of Li...

SBS Racing Cylinder 622RS Brake Pads

I installed it on Front of NSR 250 of MC21 but it was pretty good, especially Brake's control became very easy ^ - ^ Although it is a metal pad, but Touch is pretty soft and it is easy to use anyw...

SBS Off-road Racing Sinter 925RSI Brake Pads

First, there were two complaints with Z125 Front brake.1. Brake power shortage2. Caution Cha TouchIn order to solve two at the same time, Caliper and MASTER will be exchanged.It requires a budget of t...

SBS Off-road Racing Sinter 925RSI Brake Pads

Because NORMAL does not work too much Brake, I thought about replacing BrakeUnit, but this Pad is enough. I do not know Life, but I do not mind because I do not ride everyday.

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