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Ranked 7 of 1,693 brands  in Handles & Control Parts
(1,689 Customer Reviews)
Very good
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POSH is the top brand in Japan that produces customization parts for various type of motorcycle. Their wide lineup of products will be useful for customers when customizing.

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POSH LUCAS Type Tail Lamp Kit

POSH LUCAS Type Tail Lamp Kit is Very sharp and hard, very glossy aluminum surface
Very bright night
I am really satisfied

POSH M6 Type Bar End

Bought item to replace my original Honda OEM bar end, The original bar end did not reduce handle bar vibration, hence bought the Posh heavy weight bar end to replace. My handlebar doesnt vibrate so mu...

POSH Indicator Kit

Installation is also easy, and Wiring can also be installed as it is with Coupler.It was very bright so it was easier to see than I thought it was good to purchase.

POSH 6 Oversize Main Jet Set

LITTLE CUB 4 speed with attached to cell motorChanged Jet along with Bore upNormal cab Jet exchange is aimedSince it is 75CC, I am looking at choosing number 85I think that it is good to be able to us...

POSH Led Back Light Mini Speedometer Stepping

Looking closely at the end, the product No number is different, but I thought that it was cheap at Sale, I proceeded to order at the beginning of the cheapest price, but when the order goes through, t...

POSH Heavy Weight Nut

Since the hand gets numb with vibration, I installed it with expectation, but it became a bit better, was not it.I also have to purchase Bar End separately.I am disappointed with Gold.

POSH Center Stand Stopper

I attached the Silencer of Slip-on Silencer, so I installed it with the same Manufacturer.Although I was struggling to remove Split Pin which is attached at NORMAL, somehow.Just to slip the position, ...

POSH Mirror Hole Cover Cap

Screw is positive - Do you have a reverse? Do not you know what Webike's product page looks like?My Motorcycle is Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) I also needed Opposite Thread Screw, so I bou...

POSH Vintage Round Tail Lamp Combination Body

Nice round design form for taillight and easy to íntall on the rear fender. It's waterproof but resist to the heat not good.

POSH Blinker Bracket Base

Purchased with OEMBlinker exchange.It is a thing to conceal the installation part of OEM,Although the installation itself is not a problem,I feel that the price is a bit expensive.

POSH ETC Bracket Type II

Perfect for JRM-11 made by Japan Radio.Tighten to Clutch lever holder.Just because it is too conspicuous, I'm considering moving it around Meter.

POSH 8mm Machining Net Anchor

I had attached Silver so far, I replaced it to Black according to the color of Body.Originally it is a modest Size, but it makes me feel less noticeable by making it Black.M8 × 30 mm Bolt is attached,...

POSH ETC Bracket Type II

I think that the usability is good because it is lightweight and it can adjust the angle.However, angle adjustment many times (Bending elongation) Then, the surface Anodized (?) It seems Crack is in.T...

POSH 6mm Machining Net Anker

I bought it in preparation for Hokkaido Touring.It is used as Loading Hook in the License Plate to raise the loading capacity.With this, it is now possible to tie baggage to the extent that Tail lamp ...

POSH 6mm Machining Net Anker

I bought DOrange, but because there was some red color and the color tone did not match, I used it painted in Orange color.Easy to install, easy to use.

POSH Aluminum Touring Bar

I liked the color of Orange Anodized and bought it.Instead of using the included Screw and Washer, it is sandwiched by BoxScrew from the front and back with Washer of Stainless Steel and wearing it up...

POSH 6mm Machining Net Anker

The Rear Fender of klx, dTRACKER 125 has rigidity because it contains iron Frame, and if you replace the installation Bolt of License Plate with this Hook, baggage will be loaded even without Carrier....

POSH 8mm Nasa Type Net Anchor

I attached it to the Tandem grip part of ninja 1000.Tourer is not strictly a place to catch hooks etc. Too few To install ninja 1000 to increase the loading performance, it was more than I expected.It...

POSH 6mm Machining Net Anker

Ideal for hook hooking. Since there are several colors, it is GOOD that you can choose your own car and color of your choice!However, because the attached Bolt was not necessary, it is cheap Spec. I t...

POSH Aluminum Touring Bar

The photo will be diagonally from behind.I installed it together with the company's License Plate Holder.Both coloring and texture are finished without complaint, and a sense of unity has come out...

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