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Ranked 67 of 1,743 brands  in Suspensions / Rearsets / Wheels / Swingarms
(216 Customer Reviews)
Very good
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OHLINS suspension is a reliable product adopted at MotoGP or various race events all over the world. It is certain that their suspension is top quality which can cover not only race but also on urban scenes.

OHLINS Upright Front Fork RWU

With NORMAL's suspension, since there was no restlessness of Front by all means consider purchasing.Since the price is price, after suffering from trouble, I decided to purchase by giving priority...

OHLINS Steering Damper

15 years fitted for 5 VY because there is no stock for R1.Stroke is only long, installation is the same so there is no problem.Even when moved with Single Body, there is no air mixing sound and accura...

OHLINS Clear Sticker

The price was good for the price! The OHLINS Sticker I was stuck was peeled off and I bought it. Seal itself was also soft, it was very easy to paste! I was a reserve for when I failed, Quantity : 1pc...

OHLINS Rear Shock Absorber

This vehicle (GSX-S1000F) It is hard to adjust. Reach out from Chain and turn Knob - - - Sophisticated. I will touch the absolute Chain so I will adjust it while winding in Dustcloth. Pre-road is easy...

OHLINS Rear Suspension Black Line Series

Setting was originally decided without difficulty due to changes from the same model.Even though it is Front black Rear 's Reserve tank is gold and I've been worrying about it before, BlackPsy...

OHLINS Rear Suspension

I tried various combinations of Pre-road and damping with Normal suspension, but after all I could not run bouncy fun terribly. I was worried a little because it was various, but it was a dramatic cha...

OHLINS Rear Shock Absorber

I installed it in OEMLowdown car of BMW F700GS.Seat height rises by 20 ~ 30 mm. If the Front is still NORMAL, it is necessary to devise a little way to apply the load at Corner with a slightly high bu...

OHLINS Rear Suspension

I was recommended to purchase at an Indian dealer. It was my first American car so I can not compare with other foreign cars, but normal suspension is a terrible ride. It seems that it is hard to be a...

OHLINS Rear Suspension

Personally I was not dissatisfied with OEMRear shock of CB 1300SB at all.It is a Motorcycle when going to Convenience mainly to buy Cigarette during daytime on a sunny day.Since it runs almost entirel...

OHLINS Rear Suspension

Although the OEM Rear suspension of XSR 900 was too severe, OHLINS was excellent for flowing water.Every time it exceeds Gap, VANVAN floating car body is completely settled down, and when going straig...

OHLINS T-shirt

There is Logo and Back print of One point on the chest, and it is quite nice feeling. It seems that it is easy to dry, but I think if it was Mesh fabric it would have been better.

OHLINS Suspension Setting DVD "It is suspension se...

I think that it is a very grateful item to a novice beginner. Is it a little unsatisfactory content for someone who is a little reasonable? It is awesome to introduce a sequel and stepping one step fu...

OHLINS Suspension Setting DVD "It is suspension se...

When purchasing OHLINS Suspension, I bought it as a reference for Setting. I hoped for the contents directly linked to my setting by being a practical edition, but I feel it is unsatisfactory to those...

OHLINS Suspension Setting DVD "It is suspension se...

Although I thought that the contents could be intelligible, since new knowledge did not enter only by knowing, dissatisfaction remained for itself.Although it is also in a Title, to those who will do ...

OHLINS Suspension Setting DVD "It is suspension se...

When the Front fork of an OHLINS was purchased, it followed by attachment.
Only with an instruction manual, since it arranges and he thinks that it is difficult, this DVD is very helpful.
Since som...

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