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Ranked 64 of 1,795 brands  in Suspensions / Rearsets / Wheels / Swingarms
(234 Customer Reviews)
Very good
Official Site

OHLINS suspension is a reliable product adopted at MotoGP or various race events all over the world. It is certain that their suspension is top quality which can cover not only race but also on urban scenes.

OHLINS Rear Suspension

Although I got a few cars from kawasaki car from the past, I chose OHLINS for purchasing ZZr 1400 this time. For installation, hook the Center Stand and bite the tree on the bottom of the Tire and loo...

OHLINS Rear Suspension

The latest rear shock delivers excellent control and feedback to rider . The shocker must first be sprung for your weight , then easy to follow instruction help you set it up . The ride this shock del...

OHLINS Inverted Front Fork FG R&T 200

Ohlins new 30mm cartridge big piston fork , specifically for '08 + Suzuki Hayabusa . Straight forward instruction for set up , but must be sprung for your weight first . Each leg is close to 2kg light...

OHLINS Upright Front Fork RWU

It is not cheap shopping by any means. When there is a front and rear exchange, 1 of the car body price / 3 or more.But its performance is felt better than any Parts.I can understand that feel for the...

OHLINS Rear Suspension Legend/Twin

Until now I used OEM KYB, but because I changed the Swingarm and it got high rigidity, I got rid of the thrust up badly in OEM and replaced it so I exchanged it.I had a hard time till setting out, but...

OHLINS Front Fork Spring

Flexible running, and less fatigue. At the pass, I can not recognize the difference with my arms, but the absorption of Shock at high speed is Outclassing.

OHLINS Rear Suspension

Everything in operability changes from ride comfort. Safety and enjoyment in the Corner ring has been upgraded for several steps. I can safely open Axel and go. It is the feeling that decelerates in f...

OHLINS Rear Suspension

After all this Shock is different thing.Gap Hana's that, I'm wearing a different color just wearing.Because purchase was late, I am not running so much, but I do not regret having purchased it...

OHLINS Rear Suspension

I am using it for a couple of years after purchasing it with a sense of security for Brand, evaluation at Review, goodness of making, but I think that it is completely too hard even if it assumes a tw...

OHLINS Rear Suspension

Because the road surface of the residential area is bad and it gets tired after riding, I tried it with a reputable OHLINS. Flat makes it easy to be stable with stability. I think that it will not be ...

OHLINS T-shirt

There is Logo and Back print of One point on the chest, and it is quite nice feeling. It seems that it is easy to dry, but I think if it was Mesh fabric it would have been better.

OHLINS Suspension Setting DVD "It is suspension se...

I think that it is a very grateful item to a novice beginner. Is it a little unsatisfactory content for someone who is a little reasonable? It is awesome to introduce a sequel and stepping one step fu...

OHLINS Suspension Setting DVD "It is suspension se...

When purchasing OHLINS Suspension, I bought it as a reference for Setting. I hoped for the contents directly linked to my setting by being a practical edition, but I feel it is unsatisfactory to those...

OHLINS Suspension Setting DVD "It is suspension se...

Although I thought that the contents could be intelligible, since new knowledge did not enter only by knowing, dissatisfaction remained for itself.Although it is also in a Title, to those who will do ...

OHLINS Suspension Setting DVD "It is suspension se...

When the Front fork of an OHLINS was purchased, it followed by attachment.
Only with an instruction manual, since it arranges and he thinks that it is difficult, this DVD is very helpful.
Since som...

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