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Ranked 89 of 1,693 brands  in Engine Parts
(199 Customer Reviews)
Very good
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Neofactory has a wide variety of not only exterior parts such as handle bars but electrical parts like lamps and meters, engine related parts, carburetor and brake parts

Neofactory Fuel Cock Seal 4-Hole

I bought it because the CB50 was 4 holes, but it did not enter because it was a Large rinse.Please indicate vehicle type or Size.Measured outside diameter is about 21 mm.

Neofactory Front Fork Boots for 35mm Front Fork

I thought that it was soft, almost the same shape as HondaOEM and good feeling,It was able to break without attaching it one year after installing it.Anything is too early. I think that the preservati...

Neofactory Drilled Stainless Steel Rotor 00y- Fron...

06 FLST owned.It's a replacement as the Front runs out.It was cheap! It was the most attractive.Although I sometimes do not skip the effect, I think that saying that I do not know the difference w...

Neofactory 4-gear Transmission with Kick Start

Exchange from NORMAL's RotaryTopMission.Rev TECMission, which is said to be Rearanmade Junk, but there is still a problem with the Ratchet part ...Since the assembly was wrong and there was a prob...

Neofactory Drilled Stainless Steel Rotor 00y- Fron...

The OEM price is nearly 30,000, although it is deformed.Consumables are cheap and saved good. Exactly right item.Since industrial oil is equipped with Rotor so as not to rust, Brake will be effective ...

Neofactory 5-3/4 Inches Euro Headlight H4 Black

Since the installation Bolt, H4 Connector, Connector cover boots are already installed in the product, you can install it with Bolt-on if there is Headlight Bracket.In item description, "3 / Plea...

Neofactory 3 Position Toggle Switch On/0ff/On

I used it as a Blinker switch when I was passing through Wiring in VULCAN 400.The image is a little confusing, but discomfort etc etc. There is no problem with operability.I think that it will be more...

Neofactory Stem Type Teardrop Mirror Type-2 for Ri...

Since OEMMirror became a graze, I bought it instead.The same shape as OEM "KALLIO Mirror" There was also, but in the same form I did not have a face White so I tried it.Construction is solid...

Neofactory Teardrop Air Cleaner Breather Bolt

After swapping to HSR, purchased for a little special Air cleaner purchased from United States from second hand purchase.It is for Teardrop, but we made and installed Color.There are rumors that durab...

Neofactory Chrome Top Cover with Logo for HSR Miku...

With the exchange to HSR, it happened to find it cheap so order with other shopping.Although it may be a reasonable price if you think calmly, I think that it is cheap for Harley's parts. Is there...

Neofactory Cargo Net 40cm×40cm

I bought it to MT-09 RacerRearfor Seat. With 40 X 40 Just sizeHook is solid. It is not yet used, so I can not say what was clearI think that it will make an effect in Seat and the effect will be demon...

Neofactory NEO Original Alarm Set

I think that it is easy to install, but I could not use it unless I replaced the attached REMOTE CONTROLLER battery.I can not say that this is a theft countermeasure It seems to be wary of the other p...

Neofactory Clutch Hub with Puller Stud for 4-gear

I used it to disassemble Shovel's Clutch hub. My Motorcycle is a wet type Clutch,I bought this tool which can be used even when I changed to dry clutch someday. Very easy to use, WC is a wet type,...

Neofactory NEO Original Alarm Set

Antitheft Alarm has few things that can set the sensitivity if it is a cheap item, but I purchased this Alarm because it was set up.Alarm used before, before the vehicle etc etc. To Truck and outside ...

Neofactory Cargo Net 40cm×40cm

I thought that to adjust the postage ... I did not expect much, but I was surprised because it is quite sturdy. Until now I bought 100 Net Net for every Touring and throw it away and repeat ... but it...

Neofactory Cargo Net 40cm×40cm

I always install it in RearSeat.If this is suddenly something is wanted to accumulate, if you do not have too much Large, most things will be stuffed.It is the reason for the biggest Large chose not t...

Neofactory Deutsch DT Connector Female-Type

Also GermanyCoupler is used in Buell X1 variously.It is helpful to have this terminal when repairing Wiring.Until now, I bought a set of Coupler of DAYTONA, but it is very cheap.TAB, receptacle Becaus...

Neofactory Slit Corrugate Tube Black I.D.15mm×1M

Wiring We purchased instead of a conduit for curing Hose sorting in vacant space in Frame, not for consolidation purpose.In conclusion it is as expected and satisfactory.Dare to complain, product feat...

Neofactory Asphalt Coat Wiring Protection Tube 3/1...

Previously, I bought it for Guts Chrome, but it was a totally different thing. Coating seems weak here, there is Old feeling like being used from the beginning. You may prefer it if you like it.

Neofactory Cargo Net 40cm×40cm

There is nothing of Size which is exactly up to nowSubstitute Net for Helmet of DAYTONAI found out what was inexpensive.I instinctively decided on this.There is no particular problem in function, Cost...

Neofactory Wire Type Helmet Lock Black

I did not reach the OEM lock, so I decided to wire it to Frame. I dislike the Dial expression, so almost there was only one choice.The thickness that makes me think that I can not cut it with Nipper a...

Neofactory Wire Type Helmet Lock Blue

[Webike Monitor] Since the user-friendliness of the Helmet holder got worse by wearing of pure Rear carrier, it purchases.
It is good exactly in > die length.
It is an object for one to the last....

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