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Ranked 240 of 1,791 brands  in Suspensions / Rearsets / Wheels / Swingarms
(35 Customer Reviews)
Very good
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NITRON: Nitron which handles the suspension of professional group "Technics".?It is the highest peak suspension mixed with technical know-how to the quality cultivated in UK where there are many race related suppliers.?Orders in semi-order format are also possible and after-sales service is perfect!

NITRON Rear Suspension Mono Shock NTR R1 Series

It's a very manageable suspension.I have been using it for commuting and touring for more than two years but it is comfortable wherever I run.The price was 3 as an ordinary price as an Orthodox su...

NITRON Rear Suspension Mono Shock NTR R3 Series

Used for ZX9R98 '.Already set (?) Although it seemed to have delivered in,My Spec. In order to set it to, we set all weakest except for Pre-road.After that setting.You can see that the texture of ...

NITRON Rear Suspension Twin Shock TWIN R1 Series

It is supposed to be exclusively for CB 750 F, but when it attempted to mount it, a large clearance gaps in the upper part, on the Swingarm side with a mysterious offset, it is in the character of Ha ...

NITRON Rear Suspension Twin Shock TWIN R3 Series


NITRON Rear Suspension Mini Shock MINI R1 Series

I used it because my acquaintance was using it and purchased it.I have not used it yet because I installed it but the texture is also good Large satisfaction.Turquoise blue is cool?

NITRON Rear Suspension Twin Shock STEALTH TWIN R3 ...

OHLINS (S36PR1C1L) From NITRON (STEALTH TWIN R3) Change to.CloseCourse & town ride & impressions of running through the pass

NITRON Rear Suspension Mono Shock NTR RACE (PRO) S...

It is better than Normal suspension, it moves so that Setting can be made fine!Built-in is also nice, it is NITRONRecommendation!

NITRON Rear Suspension Mono Shock NTR R1 Series

Although it is an old Motorcycle, it is in Lineup and it was able to purchase it by various ordering with OrderSeat.It's lightweight so it's easy to adjust with a nice Spring rate, the running...

NITRON Rear Suspension Mini Shock MINI R1 Series

When I put NITRONRear suspension in Z125PRO, it is a tremendous suspension as I think that the absorption of Gap on the road surface is high and it is not moving. Because NITRON was too good or Balanc...

NITRON Rear Suspension Twin Shock TWIN R3 Series

OHLINS and NITRON have suffered for a whileI decided to NITRON. (It's a Sale price - - - )You can also choose Parts' Color.After wearing, as soon as I started I was able to experience the diff...

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